A Plan Made For the Development of More Usable Warheads

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There plans underway by the US government under president trump’s leadership to loosen the constraints that have been put in place on the use of its nuclear arsenal and concentrate on the development for a nuclear warhead with a low yield for its Trident missiles. This report has been issued by a former official inside the Obama administration who has had his hands on the policy review’s new draft. Jon Wolfsthal noted that the most recent nuclear posture that has been adopted by the Pentagon has a modified design of the Trident D5 missile which is launched from a Trident submarine with the US Navy boasting a fleet of 18 of them.

Just one submarine can level of all the major cities in the northern hemisphere. The intention behind the move is to deter the Russian Federation from the use of tactical warheads in the case of a conflict in the eastern part of Europe. The new policy adopted by the trump administration on US’s nuclear arsenal is more hawkish as compared to the policy that was installed by President Obama who sought the role played by nuclear weapons in defense of the United States interests locally and in foreign soil. The advocates and specialist on the control of arms have raised their concerns that the policy adopted by the US government to make smaller weapons with increased utility established the occurrence of a nuclear conflict even more likely.

The experts have also argued that the move was ill-advised considering the readiness and volatility of President Trump’s ability to use the American nuclear arsenal at a moment’s notice in a showdown with American enemies. The Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) program also expands the circumstances that the United States military might deploy nuclear weapons to include a non-nuclear attack that led to mass casualties. The program also says that the US president may give the orders to use nuclear weapons to an enemy that has targeted critical command, nuclear and infrastructural control sites.

The NPR report is the first significant review by the US government in eight years and is expected to be published after President Donald Trump makes his State of the Union address towards the end of this month. The NPR stipulates that the American military will reintroduce the launch of nuclear cruise missiles from the sea in counter efforts against the possibility of a ground-launched nuclear missile attack on Eastern Europe by Russia.

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