What Mexico travel Advisory Means for New visitors

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A new travel advisory issued yesterday by the US State Department says that you should not travel to five states in the bordering country of Mexico. This latest travel advisory has replaced the older one of security messages, warnings and alerts. The announcement which is a system at the fourth level of threat is aimed at availing information on security to American citizens who want to travel to that part of the world. However, the travel advisory has also resulted in its fair share of generating confusion to American travelers.

The most notable of all is that now people seem to be more confused about the designations are given to Mexico. The entire country, however, stands at a threat advisory of the second level which means that Americans in the country should exercise more caution. The latest report by the State Department, however, indicates that five states have reached the level four threat which is the highest and comes with an automatic advisory not to travel. According to an article published by the Los Angeles Times, this level of threat from these five regions in Mexico puts them on the same status as war-torn Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

These regions include Tamaulipas which is located in the Gulf of Mexico together with Sinaloa, Michoacán, Guerrero, and Colima. Although the announcement of such a threat level was officially made yesterday, tourists from the United States have always been advised against making visits that the US government considers unsafe due to the high prevalence of crime. The new announcement was just the same old warnings but this time with different nomenclature. Before there was a change to the new system as recently as the 1st of January, 2018some states in Mexico including the ones mentioned earlier were under travel warning for American tourists.

These warnings advised US citizens to defer any arrangement to travel which is the same advisory that is issued in war-torn countries in the Middle-East and Africa. For instance, in Sinaloa, the travel warning which has now been archived issued a warning the state had one of the most organized and powerful criminals in all of Mexico and that they perpetuated crimes in most parts of the state. The warnings advised American tourists to defer from traveling to the Sinaloa state with a few exceptions in the cities of Los Mochis, Mazatlan and the Topolobampo port. Meanwhile, the advisory said that all other parts of the country should be considered hostile.

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