Guatemala Says That Israel and the US Share Critical values


The news media in the United States does not always give news coverage about Guatemala which is a small country located in central part of South America which shares a border with Mexico to her north. The announcement by Guatemala that it would move its embassies in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem came as a surprise to many Americans. It, however, raises questions about the intentions and timing by this small South American country to align itself with the United States. This comes at a time when most member states of the United Nations general assembly have vehemently opposed the move by the US to move the Israeli capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The move by Guatemala is not intended to get the small country favors from the United States which is in contrast to the opinion of many spectators on international affairs. However, the longstanding relations between Guatemala and Israel is one of the motivating factors for the move. Guatemala has always been a chief advocate for the principles of economic development and liberty among the community of nations. It is a patronizing belief that countries from Latin America bow down to the United States and its leader, President Trump. This claim has unfairly portrayed Guatemala’s president Jimmy Morales as a beggar without any principles.

While some of the nations in South America may not be interested in developing their countries, others are interested in growth. The first step in achieving the development of a people both economically and socially is by abiding by the rule of law and reversing the abuse of power and centralization in favor of human rights which is the most fundamental foundation of any prosperous nation. This direction often irks the financial and political elite class who favor a collective policy more than the development of the individual. This elite class usually puts itself in a position that is above the law where they cannot be questioned when they commit atrocities and the violation of human rights.

The most extreme examples who worship such ideals are Venezuela, Cuba and their socialist friends. On the other side that advocates for human rights and social-economic development are Chile, Panama, and Guatemala. The cordial relationship between Israel and Guatemala dates back to the founding of these two nations. The proposal to formally recognize the country of Israel was brought forward by the Guatemalan ambassador to the UN, Jorge García Granados back in 1947.

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