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zFor Christians, the church is more than a building to meet at each weekend. Instead, it is a place where the family of God gathers to worship and pray together. These buildings can be modest or ornate, but for the faithful, each one is a mighty fortress in its own right.

With this kind of significance, it is no wonder that congregations around the country have embraced this notion by taking the name Mighty Fortress to mark their building. Take a look at these Mighty Fortress congregations from around the country.

Bishop Thomas Williams Mighty Fortress Church

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Minneapolis congregation is grounded in its desire to equip its members to serve the community around them. With preaching that is drawn from the Bible, Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis focuses on practical applications for believers in the real world. The congregation embraces people from all walks of lives and believes that everyone is welcome in God’s house. This Minneapolis church has flourished under the leadership of Bishop Thomas Williams. Williams has spent 30 years dedicating his life to the preaching of God’s word. He has completed his educational training at Rhema Bible Training Center, Bethel University and Seminary and North Central University in Minneapolis. On top of these credentials, he has received honorary degrees from Midwest Christian College and Seminary and St. Thomas College. He serves alongside his wife and their three children.



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Seward, Nebraska

The mighty fortress may be an old Christian idea, but some congregations are new. The congregation in Seward, Nebraska, got its start just over a decade ago in 2004. This church was started by a small group of Lutherans who were struggling to find a place for meaningful worship. Through prayer, they began to work together to form a local church body. As their numbers grew, the congregation quickly established itself and eventually joined the American Association of Lutheran Congregations in order to be recognized as part of the broader Lutheran network. After meeting in other buildings for some time, Mighty Fortress Church was able to purchase its own facility in 2010. This Mighty Fortress congregation is led by Pastor Dan Schroeder. Schroeder has a long affiliation with the Lutheran church, and he was trained at Bethany Lutheran College and Minnesota State University. Joining the staff at Mighty Fortress Church allowed him to return to his roots since Schroeder is a Nebraska native.


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Mountain City, Tennessee

This Mighty Fortress Church is located in the heart of the mountains in Tennessee. This idyllic backdrop is the perfect spot to remember God’s glory and power. With this in mind, Mighty Fortress Church is fully committed to teaching the word of God, and all followers are encouraged to stay in the word daily. Discipleship is important here, and the church seeks to make strong, mature Christians, ready to wear the full armor of God. The congregation is led by Blaine G. Smith. Smith was raised in Michigan, but he has been right at home in Tennessee. His story is one of trial and triumph. As a young man, he struggled with drugs and alcohol. When God delivered him from these temptations, he dedicated his life to sharing God’s love with others. He not only preaches from scripture, but he lives out what he teaches. He received his education from United Christian Church and Ministerial Association and did further work at Victory Bible Training Center. He serves with his wife, Anita, who works as the worship minister at Mighty Fortress Church.

San Antonio, Texas

A mighty fortress can be any denomination, and this San Antonio congregation is Baptist. Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship got its start in 2008, and it has been a vibrant presence in the community ever since. This church has a strong evangelical outlook, and it is always looking for ways to stay active in the San Antonio area. The informal atmosphere is designed to attract those who are unfamiliar with the gospel, and the service is family-friendly with ample options for children’s programs during service. The worship is contemporary and energetic, ensuring that everyone feels the presence of God during service. Sammy Lopez currently serves at Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship as the lead pastor. Lopez is noted for his preaching style, and he focuses his sermons on the Bible. Although he also had a career in arena football, his true calling is within the church. He has ministered with numerous reputable organizations such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship, Samaritan’s Purse and more.

Mighty Fortress Church

These churches are just a sampling of the options across America. No matter where you go, the church can be a mighty fortress to those who believe. If you want to know more about what being a Christian is all about, visit any of these congregations or any Mighty Fortress Church this coming Sunday.

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