Fabletics Front Woman Demi Lovato Takes a Selfie in Her Fabletics Collection Outfit

Fabletics’ Newest Collection By Demi Lovato Has a Fit for Every Body

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This isn’t her first rodeo, and she’s certainly no amateur. Though Demi Lovato has already collaborated with athleisure giant Fabletics twice in the past, her newly launched capsule collection for the company is her most powerful, meaningful, and playful yet. The collection, titled Your Own Beat, features several high powered leggings, sports bras, and layering tops made for every level of activity. In addition to these highly functional pieces, this collection also marks Demi’s first venture into the realm of shoes, and athletic bags. With a bold attitude, an ongoing message of self-love and acceptance, and a highly self-published journey toward a positive and active lifestyle, Demi is the best friend we all wish we had. She’s the first to accept her mistakes, kick her own ass, but then pick herself up and keep moving forward. With that honesty and courage, Demi has become not only world famous for her music, but as an inspiration and motivation for countless women wanting to live their best lives.

In her newest collection for Fabletics, Demi has utilized her previous experiences as a springing board for creating pieces that appeal to a wide range of women on the go. “Demi’s leveraging her creative abilities, and has become more confident as a designer.  In approaching this collection, she channeled what she and her fans are looking for in activewear pieces, which support her life as a confident woman, said Felix del Toro, SVP, Chief Merchandise & Design Officer. The concept of women designing for women seems like a no-brainer, but Demi takes it one step further by actually listening to her fans, and Fabletics customers, allowing their feedback to drive her design process.

Within this aesthetically beautiful collection, sporty details channel inner badass babes, with boxing-style mesh inserts, feminine ribbon detailing, and strategically placed linework. More importantly still, the functional details in this collection are intentionally designed for all female bodies in mind. Longer silhouettes and compression fabrics allow pieces to stay in place during stretching and moving, and all-way stretch means that you feel good and look good. This thoughtful nature is what earned Fabletics the top spot amongst active females in search of affordable, practical, and stylish athleisure. In true Demi fashion, Ms. Lovato has taken this solid base of quality products, and has stirred things up with her body-positive attitude, and inclusive range. With products in sizes XXS-3X, there’s a Demi Lovato for Fabletics sure to flatter every silhouette, every body type, and every personal style.

Just before ringing in 2018, Fabletics introduced a capsule collection of footwear, and the response was tremendously positive. Finally, the brand included several styles of athletic footwear, from cross trainers to stylish slip-ons, and fans were able to create cohesive head-to-toe looks. With Demi’s first foray into designing shoes for her third capsule collection, she has nailed the head-to-toe monochromatic trend with several pieces in a matching palette. The Combination Mesh Sneaker, available in a beautifully soft nude blush, features a memory foam insole, and a flexible mesh and neoprene upper. These sneakers are both cute enough to wear throughout the day with jeans, yet powerful enough to withstand the most extreme of workouts. It is this kind of cross-functionality of product that has made Fabletics successful, and the expansion of this concept for shoes is a sure-fire way to continue the success of the line.

Of course, every busy woman (let’s face it, that’s almost all of us) also needs to carry the tools for her success. Though dainty purses and bags are the accessory du jour for some, many active women prefer utilitarian bags that are both functional, and stylish. With her initial two bags for the capsule collection, Demi incorporated mesh details, hidden compartments perfectly suitable for organization, faux leather details, and adjustable straps. The Boxer Backpack features sleek design, and several hidden pockets to keep belongings secure, all while maintaining an aesthetic stylish enough for everyday wear.

As a positive role model for women worldwide, Demi is painfully honest about the ups and downs of self-love. Through her social media presence, she can often be found discussing the lessons that she is learning about self-acceptance, and though not every day is perfect for Demi, she’s honest about the process. Likewise, she can be found flaunting her curves in all of their glory in her own Fabletics designs, with captions that relay self-love, such as “Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing. Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes.” This type of brutal honesty is rare in the realm of Hollywood, but deserves to be celebrated as a powerful tool to allow people struggling with similar issues to feel like they are not alone, and to feel supported.

This honesty and openness is what also makes Demi Lovato trustworthy, relatable, and so personable. It also makes her the perfect spokesperson and designer for clothing that is sometimes ostracizing, humiliating, and otherwise ill-fitting. By listening to the desires of her fans and customers, Demi has created a mega-successful collection of athletic clothing that will look amazing on bodies of all shapes and sizes, and will feel great in motions of all varieties. In her third collaborative effort with Fabletics, Demi has certainly honed her skills, followed her instincts, and leaned on the voice of her community. Though all of her collaborations with Fabletics has been uber-successful, the Your Own Beat collection, available now, is certainly her proudest collection to date.

In an official press release for the collection, Demi stated “I was so excited when Fabletics asked me to come back to design another capsule collection with them! I’ve learned so much from working with the Fabletics design team the past year and really wanted to take it to the next level with this collection now that I’m more confident with the process.” For someone who is constantly growing, learning, and flourishing in new ways, it certainly makes sense that she continues to also grow as a designer, comfortable calling the shots, and creating clothing that she can be proud of. With the expansion into footwear and accessories, Demi’s footprint is certainly growing, and we are thrilled to see where this ongoing collaborative effort will take Fabletics, and their superstar designer.

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