How Donald Trump Degrades the American People

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Today, the US president has had an abusi9ve choice of words to refer to people both in the US and abroad. His choice of words has left many political analysts, and the court of public opinion perplexed about Trump’s inner essence. Opinions range from commentators finally terming the president as racists to the “it’s nothing new attitude” since we have had the information that Donald Trump is a racist. This reaction has portrayed how an individual’s innate personality is equated to the American preoccupation. For centuries, it has been that it is always critical to first know a person’s character before you can judge them.

Martin Luther King Jr., a preacher from Atlanta, said that a person should not be judged by his religion, creed, or color, but by the content of their character. However, that American ideal has been abandoned by President Trump and those who support his derogatory statements. The fact that Trump is a racist is nothing new on mainstream media, and it is also doubtful that we may have a possibility of learning anything new about how the inner mind and soul of the president of the United States function. Trump’s school of thought and how he reasons on straightforward matters is utterly uncomplicated and straightforward. However, what is hitting the news is how he is willing to change the country and how he behaves in the public eye.

The remarks that are often made by president Trump tell us more about how his train of thoughts flows privately and how they affect the American public sphere. For instance, we can understand that the speech delivered by a human being is often part of any story or conversation and people sometimes curse. However, when it comes to the person holding the most powerful office on the face of the earth, there is a certain way that the world expects him or her to deal with issues and a demeanor while delivering a public speech.

Former presidents have tried to respect the position of the US as a global leader when it comes to a majority of international issues that affect humanity in the 21st century. For instance, President Trump has openly called Haiti and African nations, Shithole countries in a meeting at the White House on immigration law reform. This is a move that angered many legislators including those that hail from the Republican Party. The lawmakers have said that America is a beacon of freedom and that last best hope, for all who are called to the course of liberty, and who yearn for a better future.

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