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Children Taking The Brunt Of Flu Season

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Medical Innovator Dr. Mark HoltermanThe Centers for Disease Control is closely monitoring what is being called a flu epidemic. At least 30 children have died from the flu virus. The virus is now being seen in almost every state. Many states are seeing double and sometimes triple the number of deaths than in recent years. The cold weather has been a factor in the spread of the virus since people have stayed indoors more than they have been outside. The vaccine for this year isn’t working as efficiently as it could. These components combine to deliver a season like none other.

Reports reveal that 10 of the children who have died as a result of the flu have passed away in the span of a week. There have been almost 9,000 people hospitalized because of the flu. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are seeing a deep strain on the staff and the equipment. They are running out of supplies and medications. Unfortunately, there is little that the CDC can do except offer support since the strain is already circulating.

The flu season has not reached the peak, which means that there will likely be more deaths. The number of hospitalizations will likely reach over 10,000. Some deaths have not been reported yet. There are children who are sick and could die if nothing is done to offer some kind of help. Elderly individuals are also dying from the flu virus. Health officials are asking parents to instruct children about hand washing and proper hygiene. Parents are being encouraged to wash bookbags, jackets, and hats on the weekends to help keep the spread of the flu at bay. Schools are asking that students stay home if they feel sick. Some schools are closing until the flu virus is under control. Doctors are trying to treat as many people as possible, but there are times when there simply aren’t enough hands on board to fight the virus.

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