The American president Says that It would Be great If The Korean Talks Worked out

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The president of the United States Donald Trump has said that he hopes that the bilateral talks that have been newly arranged by Seoul and Pyongyang will have an impact that goes beyond the winter Olympics which are due to be held next month in South Korea. President trump made a promise that the US would participate in the peace process when the time was appropriate. On Saturday, President Trump gave a press briefing at the presidential retreat in Camp David that was very unusual where he met the top leadership of the Republican Party from both Houses of Congress and a section of his cabinet.

On the scheduled talks between North and South Korea, the US president said that he was only hopeful that they worked to defuse the military tension that has rocked the Korean peninsula for decades now. Trump said that he would love to see diplomats from both nations make progress on the talks beyond the Winter Olympics. He added that Washington would only get involved in the talks when right time presented itself. The White House released a press briefing to media houses on Sunday saying that the United States president spoke with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron where the two heads of state discussed the developments and the unfolding of things in the Korean peninsula on Saturday.

In the press briefing, the two leaders discussed the need to underscore the South Korean, Americans and international resolve in the achievement of a fully denuclearized North Korea. While making an assessment between the north and the South on Tuesday, President Trump noted that if something positive can result from the talks between Seoul and Pyongyang, it would be a good thing for humankind and the world in general. Donald Trump also said that he had made discussions with his South American counterpart who thanked him abundantly for his strong resolve on how to solve the stalemate caused by the repressive regime in Pyongyang.

Trump has before said that there would be no meaningful peace talks between Washington and Pyongyang if Kim Jong Un did not abandon his nuclear missile program as a show of goodwill. The US president said as a leader you had to have a particular attitude and approach towards solving specific issues that confront your country and the peace and stability of the world and that he was more than prepared to do that. Trump alluded that his tough attitude has persuaded Pyongyang to make the first formal contact with Seoul after 24 months of silence.

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