A Smart Phone Addiction Can Be Harmful To A Teen’s Health

Smart Phone Addiction, Technology

Teenagers today are glued to their phones. Many parents wonder whether they should be concerned about the amount of time that their teens spend on the phone. A team of researchers at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea have found that excessive smart phone use can harm your teen’s mental health.

One survey showed that 82 percent of people in America have a smart phone. Ninety-two percent of people used their smart phone while they were shopping. Seventy-eight percent of people used their phone while they were eating. Forty-four percent of people used their phones while they were crossing the street.

Seventy-three percent of teens had a smart phone. Ninety-two percent of teens used a smart phone to go online every day. Dr. Hyung Suk Seo works at Korea University. He was also one of the researchers involved in the study. He stated that teens who spend a lot of time on their smart phones are more likely to develop anxiety and depression. The researchers found that excessive smart phone use can cause chemical imbalances in the brain.

Dr. Seo recruited 19 teens for the study. The mean age of the participants was 15.5. There were 10 females and nine females. All of the subjects had been diagnosed with an internet or smart phone addiction. The researchers compared the subjects to teens who did not have a smart phone addiction.

Both groups received an MRI that examined brain activity. They found that being addicted to a smart phone can cause chemical changes in the brain. Not only are smart phone addicts more likely to be anxious and depressed, but they are also more likely to have sleeping problems. Dr. Seo recommends that people change the way that they think about technology. It is also important for adults to set good examples for young people.

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