Questions Swirl Around Las Vegas Attorney Hiding From Questions

Las Vegas Shooting Incident

There have been several theories surrounding what really happened on October 1 in Las Vegas. Some people think that the man accused of the worst mass shooting in the country committed the act alone while others believe that there was more than one shooter at more than one location. Tucker Carlson is one of the people trying to find the truth. He recently went to Las Vegas to meet with security guards at Mandalay Bay as well as the attorney for the victims of the shooting, Catherine Lombardo. He discovered some interesting details while on his trip.

Officers have been tight-lipped about the incident since it happened. This only sparks the rumors that have swirled across the country and the rest of the world. Officers haven’t said anything about Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, the woman who was sent out of the country only a few days before the shooting took place. No one has talked about where the SWAT members were the night of the shooting or why it took so long for police to respond. Officers started arguing with Carlson and his producers when they started asking questions about the incident.

Lombardo hasn’t had much luck with trying to get questions answered so that she can proceed with cases involving the victims. Attorneys for the hotel have been staying to themselves, avoiding any kind of questions that would offer details about what really happened that night. There is a possibility that the attorneys for the hotel are trying to avoid people because they know that they are negligent for what happened. One of the things that Carlson discovered that is interesting is that the paperwork for the event was signed by the hotel and casino instead of the organizers of the event, which goes against the proper protocol. Carlson is working to find out more before all records are sealed and no one can find out the truth about Las Vegas.

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