President Trump’s Menacing Talk on How to Deal with Pyongyang Leaves the US Isolated

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The President of the United States seems oblivious to the after-effects of war. Consequently, international support for his course is weakening as time goes by. Trump’s latest threat to annihilate the Kim Jong Un led North Korea produced a furious response from the Russian Federation on Thursday this week. Other nations in the world stage met the proposals by Washington with an uncomfortable silence. While the whole world is concerned with latest ballistic missile launch by North Korea on Wednesday, Trump’s reckless talk is leaving the United States isolated.

The minister of Foreign Relations in Moscow, Sergei Lavrov appeared to have doubts that were also shared by other countries. Lavrov claimed that Trump was deliberately trying to push Kim Jong Un into a military conflict. He argued that Washington was trying to push for the isolation of North Korea so that Kim could make a desperate move.

Lavrov said that Russia would not impose any more sanctions that were demanded by Washington. He also added that the undisclosed military exercises by the US in partnership with South Korea were meant to trigger a military confrontation. However, the American ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said that Kim was entirely to blame for the volatile situation in the Korean peninsula. She added that if there would be an outbreak of war, it would totally be due to the continued acts of aggression by Pyongyang. Haley reiterated that the US would utterly destroy the North Korean regime if Kim did not halt his nuclear program and seize the missile tests.

China has also joined the list of nations that demand the withdrawal of the hard lines between the two countries and pave the way for negotiations. According to the official China Daily, the opportunities that Beijing had created for talks on the volatility of the situation had been wasted mainly by the United States. The paper also said that President Trump had reignited a crisis that had been abated by saying that North Korea sponsored state terrorism.

The ability of President Trump to alienate people and lose essential allies will make it unlikely for the Chinese President, Xi Jinping to heed to the latest calls by Washington. The appeal was made to the Chinese president by Trump on telephone to implement a full embargo on oil supplies to Pyongyang. Political and military advisors to the US president seem not to understand the feasibility of taking out Kim’s regime through a military conflict.

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