A Prediction That North Korea Would Open Talks with the US by Seoul

North Korea, Nuclear Technology

South Korea has predicted that Pyongyang is looking up to open talks about its ballistic nuclear missile program with the United States. In a government outlook of 2018 by Seoul which seems to be very optimistic, the South Koreans also said that the totalitarian regime in North Korea would be looking for peace with the South. New and stringent sanctions were passed unanimously by the United Nations’ Security Council on Friday in measures to curb the funding of the nuclear missile program.

The decision by the UN to pass embargo on Pyongyang was after Kim Jong Un tested an intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile in the last few weeks that could strike anywhere in the United States. The reclusive regime in Pyongyang has branded the sanctions by the United Nations as an act of war. The Unification ministry in South Korea said that Pyongyang would be seeking negotiations with the US. This would show its intentions of goodwill with the community of nations as the regime sought to be recognized as a nuclear power.

However, the report by the ministry would not offer any reasons that supported the statement. Tensions in the Korean peninsula have escalated with Kim pursuing his nuclear missile program in total violation of the resolutions passed by the United Nations’ Security Council. There has been a bellicose rhetoric that has been emanating from both the White House and Pyongyang’s residence of the Supreme Leader.

Diplomats from the United States have said that they are seeking a peaceful solution to the standoff between North Korea and the US. However, President Trump has repeatedly said that any talks with Kim’s regime would be futile and that North Korea must give up its ballistic nuclear missile program before any talks with Washington. The ministry of foreign relations in North Korea has said that the United States is scared of their military might and nuclear arsenal and that Washington had become obsessed with imposing the worst economic embargo on Pyongyang.

This statement was released in a report by the KCNA news agency which is the official news reporter in Pyongyang. The latest UN sanctions were supported by Russia and China which were the remaining significant allies to Kim’s regime. Just yesterday, the foreign relations spokesman from China said that all parties should do their best to ease the tension currently experienced in the Korean Peninsula. Seoul has since added that the repressive regime in Pyongyang must find a way to end the embargo that limits its oil supply foreign exchange from expatriates working abroad.

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