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Madison Street Capital: Awards Gala Winner in 2017


According to an article appearing in the November edition of, Madison Street Capital received special recognition at the annual awards ceremony for mergers and acquisitions. This event occurred on Monday, November 13th at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. This annual event includes the Advisor Awards Gala, which recognizes extraordinary achievements in the area of financial transactions. Madison Street Capital received recognition for their outstanding performance in their advisory role for the WLR Automotive account. The award was granted under the title of Debt Financing Deal of the Year.

Madison Street Capital was judged against 650 other competitors for this prestigious award. The process of selecting a winner has been subjected to revision and refinement since the ceremonies began in 2002. This achievement singles out a company that has demonstrated outstanding performance in the area of mergers and acquisitions, but it also recognizes entire entities for similar quality performances. Deal makers and financial transactions specialists play a key role in securing the success of the organization as a whole.


Awards and Accolades

Madison Street Capital’s role required a considerable amount of effort and dedication. David Fergusson is the current CEO and president of the awarding organization. He praised the company in glowing terms, and mentioned what an honor it was to recognize them for outstanding performance. This award constitutes the highest honor that can be granted by the organization to a firm. Madison Street Capital received these accolades while being judged against some of the most competitive firms in the industry.

The competition at the award ceremony for 2017 was particularly intense, and this made an impression on the industry competitors. All of the firms had an impressive track record, and this detail was noticed by many who were in attendance that evening. The quality of the other candidates raised the bar for the award, and this was noted by Madison Street Capital’s CEO. Charles Botchway commented on the ceremony, and mentioned that the work of every member of the team contributed to the overall success of the company. He congratulated the accomplishments of the organization as a whole but also singled out the achievements of the Senior Managing Director, Barry Peterson, as well as the client company.

Charles Botchway recognized both of them at the same time when he said, “I would like to congratulate WLR Automotive and our lead on the transaction, Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen.” This statement occurred just after he accepted the award for the category of debt financing. Madison Street Capital also received recognition for their accomplishments in several other categories. They were recognized as a final contender for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award, and they were singled out as a finalist for the Financial Deals of the Year award, which goes to companies with a valuation below the 250 million threshold.


About the Gala

This awards ceremony is known as the Gala, and it is the annual celebration for the leaders in the representative industries. Recognition at this ceremony can also affect the business opportunities for the next year, and that creates a higher level of competition than usual. This includes several categories of mergers and acquisitions. The deal maker’s awards are held alongside the Adviser Summit awards, for example. These festivities allowed more than 500 industry specialists and professionals to contribute to forums that featured interactive technologies and exclusive content.

More than 35 industries were represented at the event, and this included academic professionals, media experts, and leaders in the area of mergers and acquisitions. The industry’s top stalwarts were present for the event, and this added prestige to the ceremonies. This event was the 16th Annual Mergers and Acquisitions Adviser Award ceremony, and the winners from that memorable evening were pleased to accept their honors. This event represented a major accomplishment for everyone who was involved in making the company a success. The entire list of recipients can now be reviewed at one convenient website.

In addition, several other high achievers were granted special recognition:

  • Robert “Bobby” Blumenfeld is currently the Executive Director of ACG New York. He received the inaugural Tom Farrell Memorial Award during this annual event.
  • Ceasar N. Anquillare is the Chairman and CEO of Winchester Capital. He was named as the winner for the 2017 Leadership Award.


Madison Street Capital Reputation

Madison Street Capital is a prominent investment banking firm that is active on the global stage. The leaders in this organization maintain a culture of excellence and customer service. The reputation of integrity and performance add value for prospective clients. The firm is currently active in many areas regarding financial transactions, hedge fund management, financial advisory services, valuation, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, this company provides a wide range of financial consultation services to both publicly traded companies as well as private entities. The team of professionals at Madison Street Capital is dedicated to ensuring that every client is positioned within the global marketplace in a way that ensures optimal success.

Creating a reputation for excellence requires many years of hard work and dedication. The leadership at Madison Street Capital is aware of how much effort is required to become the leader in the financial services industry. To achieve this status, the team at Madison Street Capital is trained to internalize the goal of the client and align their personal objectives with that of the client. This ethic translates into every aspect of the company’s internal culture. Every transaction with a client is an expression of this ethic, and this includes every type of interaction. From business valuations to ownership transfers, clients can count on the professionals at Madison Street Capital to represent their best interests.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital offers critical services to corporations in many countries around the world. This leader in the investment banking industry was proud to accept the prestigious award offered at the annual Gala. This firm offers its clients a range of professional advisory, valuation and financial services. This also includes tax planning as well as business planning services. These services are critical for businesses that are growing rapidly or planning to exit the market. The leadership team at the firm is focused primarily on markets that are growing across the various continents where capital is needed. These services are essential in many different industries, so the firm is known for their presence in healthcare, energy, media, transportation, construction, aerospace and technology industries.

Madison Street Capital maintains a reputation of professionalism and excellence in every aspect of daily operations. Whether a company is interested in raising capital or obtaining a valuation, the team at Madison Street Capital can provide the services needed for the business leaders to make a well-informed decision. The firm received numerous awards and accolades from the industry’s leaders. Examples include the NACVA’s Under Forty Industry Maverick Award, the Restructuring Deal of the Year Award, the Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions Deal of the Year Award, the Annual Emerging Leaders Award and many others. In 2017, the firm received the prestigious Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award. This places Madison Street Capital in the forefront of the investment banking industry that serves lower to middle-market businesses.

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