Little Girl Wants A Blanket For Christmas

Christmas, Letters to Santa

Children are often asked to write letters to Santa that offer a few details about what they want for Christmas. Some children ask for expensive games and toys while other children only want basic necessities. Ruth Espiricueta takes her job as a first-grade teacher in Texas very seriously. She wants to be more than a teacher to her students. She also wants to help them with the challenges that they might face in life and be a friend to them. She recently asked her class to write letters to Santa before the school’s holiday break. The class was supposed to include something they wanted and something they needed in the letter because Ruth wanted to show how each item was different.

Ruth sat down after class was dismissed to read the letters from her students. One little girl’s letter broke her heart. She told Santa that she had been good and that she wants a ball and some food and that she needs a blanket to keep her warm. Ruth never expected that students would ask for the things in life that many take for granted. The little girl was asked about the things she included in her letter. She included a ball so that she could play with her brother outside. She also mentioned wanting eggs as her favorite food.

When Ruth found out about the needs of the young girl, she knew that she had to do something to help. Other students in her class had similar requests for the basic needs that no child should have to go without. Some students wanted towels, heat or a stove. There were students in Ruth’s class who knew that their parents couldn’t give them gifts, so they weren’t excited about the holiday. The letter was shared on Facebook, and donations for the students soon started coming into the classroom. Ruth has been able to secure blankets for the students in the school as well as food and clothing.

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