Heating Up The Northeast

Magma Flow

The northeast area of the United States doesn’t usually see a lot of weather events except for a lot of snow and ice. Scientists have been studying the magma flow under areas of the northeast, and if what they have found is proven to be correct, then this part of the country could see a significant amount of activity in the coming years. The northeast is often regarded as a quiet part of the country. People tend to keep to themselves. Areas are beautiful along the coast and in the mountain regions. There aren’t any volcanoes, and aside from the small tremor every now and then, there aren’t any major earthquakes.

It’s the activity that is beneath the surface that has been intriguing for scientists in recent months. There is a magma flowing underneath parts of the northeast that people don’t know about. This magma moves slower than what is seen under volcanoes, but it’s still there. If this magma begins to flow faster or finds an area to break through the earth’s surface, then the northeast could see significant changes.

Researchers and scientists have been monitoring the activity by using seismic sensors. These sensors detect any kind of movement beneath the ground. These sensors have detected more movement over the past decade. There have been more reports of small earthquakes in the northeast, which could be an indication of the magma flow under the ground. There is more magma flowing under Vermont than under other states. Wave patterns have been examined as well. Researchers have noticed that the patterns are shifting, which could mean that New England will soon begin to see more seismic activity. The magma flow isn’t close to the surface yet, which means that there isn’t any cause for alarm just yet as it can take hundreds of years for a volcano to form in most situations.

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