Derailed Train Was Traveling At High Rate Of Speed

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A train derailed on Monday in Seattle as it was going around a curve on the track. Several people suffered injuries as a result of the derailment, and there were multiple deaths reported. After an initial investigation of the accident scene and the train, officials believe that the train was traveling at a high speed when it derailed. There is a possibility that the engineer on the train was distracted in some way when the train crashed. At least three people have died, but there are still people who have serious injuries, which could push that number higher.

Officials believe that an employee on the train was standing close to the engineer while he was trying to control the train. Most officials are speaking anonymously because of the ongoing investigation. There is a possibility that because of the second person in the compartment, the engineer lost control of the train. Initial investigations do reveal that the automated braking system was activated. This is a system that activates when trains reach a certain speed as a safety measure to slow them down.

When officials examined the speed of the train, they saw that it was traveling at 80 mph. This speed was 50 mph over the designated limit of 30. Some of the rear cars on the train derailed and landed on the roadway below the bridge. There are skid marks on the tracks showing where the braking system tried to engage. There is no indication as of yet about why the train was traveling at such a high rate of speed when it should have been traveling at the slowest. All but one of the 12 passenger cars and engine cars derailed. The event is being treated as a mass casualty event. President Trump offered his condolences as well as remarks about the safety of trains and the rail system shortly after the incident.

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