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Aloha Construction Holiday Decor Recommendations that Take it Easy on Your House

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The holidays are the most festive time of year, but sometimes they strain not only your budget, but also your house. Climbing on your roof and damaging the shingles or cringing at the thought of your soaring electric bills don’t have to be a part of your holiday traditions anymore. Instead, take a look at these recommendations from Aloha Construction.

These decor ideas are festive but are also specifically chosen to take it easy on your house this year. If you’re sick of the stress and strain that the holidays can place on your home, consider trying something new with your decor this year!

Protect Your Roof by…

This year, protect your roof by staying off it! Shingles are surprisingly fragile, and Aloha Construction knows better than anyone how easy it is to damage them simply by walking across your roof. Do you want to cause a leak or create costly repairs just to put up a couple lights?

Instead, consider decorating your yard and porch instead. There are plenty of decor ideas that keep it festive without putting a strain on your roof. Try stringing lights around your porch railing, hanging a wreath on your front door, or using the extra space your yard.

The best way to take it easy on your house this holiday season is by purchasing light up winter and holiday scenes or blow up yard decor, and setting it up instead of wrapping your house in holiday lights. Your home will still look great, and your set up and take down will be easier (and safer!) than ever.

Protect Your Siding by…

Aloha Construction recommends projection lights as the best holiday decor to take it easy on your house this year. Now, you can buy a holiday light projector in any major store to shine on your house, instead of nailing a wreath or hanging Christmas lights on it.

These projections are great because they are low effort but come in a variety of different festive colors, patterns, and themes. Try projecting one on your siding and sleep easy knowing no damage will come to your house from the holiday decor this year.
Protect Your Electric bill by…
The dreaded electric bill always skyrockets in the winter, and during the holiday season it’s even worse. Of course, one way to prevent it from jumping too high is to cut back on your holiday lights and decor this year.

However, if you love the way Christmas lights look and feel (who doesn’t?) and want to put them up, there’s still a way to protect your electric bill with these recommendations from Aloha Construction.

First, make sure you are buying energy efficient LED lights. When you are purchasing your holiday decor this year, take extra care to buy only lights that are ENERGY STAR rated. These follow certain guidelines for energy efficiency and will keep your electric bill down. They also last much longer than traditional lights and will save you more money in the long run on future purchases as well.

Additionally, make sure you are always turning your holiday decor and lights off at night before you go to bed. This prevents unnecessary costs from your lights blazing all night when no one is around to see them.

Protect the Environment by…

This isn’t really a holiday tip to protect your house, but instead, it protects the environment and the earth (where we all live, right?)

Family Decorating Aloha Construction

This holiday season, Aloha Construction recommends buying a fake Christmas tree instead of cutting down or purchasing a live fir tree. This way, you can reuse it year after year instead of needing a replacement every time. If it’s the scent of the real tree you love in your home, it’s easy to buy a large candle that smells like a fir tree, fresh cut

pine, or any other variation of the theme. Purchase a fake tree and a candle to light, and it’ll feel just like the real thing (while also protecting the environment!)

If you are truly set on sticking to your traditions and buying a real, live Christmas tree, then there is still something you can do. Instead of cutting one down, consider buying a tree planted in a bag from your local nursery. You can decorate it and keep it in your home for a week or two, and then plant it afterward in your yard or at a local park. This is a great way to get the keep your tradition alive, while also keeping the tree alive!

Holiday decor is coming out and the tree and lights are going up. Every year, holiday decorations can put a strain on the house itself by threatening the roof and siding, and also on the budget with the high electricity usage. Instead of putting your home at risk, use these recommendations from Aloha Construction to choose the decorations that take it easy on your house.

Protect your roof by opting out of walking on it and stringing lights around it, and decorate your yard instead. Protect your siding by choosing holiday projection lights instead of hanging a wreath or other decor up on it. Protect your electric bill from skyrocketing this year by making sure you buy ENERGY STAR rated holiday lights, and turn them off every night. Finally, you can help protect the environment by making a one time purchase of a fake tree instead of cutting a live one down every year.

These strategies are easy to apply as you begin hauling out the holiday decorations, and will help keep the season stress free during this busy time. Limit damages from holiday decor and keep your house safe and secure this holiday season with these four simple tips. Best wishes, and happy holidays to all from Aloha Construction!

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