Airport Loses Power On Busy Travel Weekend


A power outage shut down the Hartsfield-Jackson airport on Sunday, leaving travelers in the dark for hours. Some people decided to make the most of a bad situation and sleep on the floors or on the chairs in the airport. Some of the ticket lines were moving along at a snail’s pace as well as security lines, but the overall traffic through the airport came to a halt. There were more travelers at the airport than normal because of the upcoming Christmas holiday. The Delta terminal was one of the busiest in the airport over the weekend as the company is headquartered in Atlanta.

Lines sometimes curled back seven times over as passengers were waiting for the power to come back on so that they could get their bags checked and so that they could get on a plane. Many passengers understood that outages can happen and were only trying to get through the wait while others were a bit more outspoken with their feelings about the outage. Most passengers spent Sunday trying to find out if flights would leave out or arrive on Monday. Several volunteers in special shirts walked around the airport to answer questions to try to offer assistance to passengers.

Some flights were able to leave the airport, but most of the people at the airport had to wait for several hours before finally leaving to go to a hotel or leaving to find something to do in the city until they heard about their flights. Passengers have been able to charge their phones at the airport. Chick-fil-A opened on Sunday to provide food for people waiting. Employees have helped as much as possible by providing blankets, pillows, and food to those who have decided to wait in the airport for their flights to leave on Monday or Tuesday.

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