The United States Urges All Nations in the Community of Nations to Cut Ties With North Korea

North Korea, Nuclear Missiles

After the latest Ballistic missile test by North Korea, the United States has urged all Nations to cut off trade and diplomatic ties with the rogue nation. Nicki Haley, a United States envoy, said the US President Donald Trump had asked the Chinese government to cut off their supply of oil to North Korea. Haley said this while making a statement at united nation’s Security Council. She also added that although the United States was not seeking military confrontations with Kin Jong Un, North Korea would be destroyed in case of the outbreak of war.

This warning came after Kim tested his ballistic missiles for the first time in the last two months. According to reports from Pyongyang, the tested missile reached an altitude of about 2,780 miles and that it carried a warhead that had the capability of coming back to the earth’s atmosphere. The altitude achieved by the tested ballistic missile is more than ten times the altitude of the International Space Station from the surface of the earth.

Experts did not approve the claim made by North Korea, and western scientists have doubted Pyongyang’s ability to have the mastery of such sophisticated technology. However, the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un said that the ballistic missile launch was impeccable and that it represented a breakthrough in the country’s nuclear missile program.

The United Nation’ Security Council and the international community, in general, has condemned the missile test in the strongest terms possible. After the launch, UN’s Security called for an emergency meeting to deliberate on the way forward. Ms. Haley said that continued acts of aggression by Pyongyang only served to destabilize the region further. Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign relations Minister, said that sanctions against the rogue state were exhausted. Mr. Lavrov told reporters that the American government should explain to the world what it is trying to do. He said that if the US wanted to find a pretext for annihilating North Korea, it should come out openly about it and that the US leadership should confirm the issue.

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations had earlier called on Kim to seize the nuclear program and stop ballistic missile tests. He also called on the United States to cancel the military exercises that are being planned in partnership with South Korea in December. The ambassador said that moderation would help extinguish an already volatile situation.

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