Understanding the Crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia Crisis

Nothing has ever stunned Lebanon than an announcement last Saturday where their Prime Minister announced his resignation while visiting Saudi Arabia. To make the situation even more complicated, the leader had not shown any sign previously that he was considering resigning. In his speech, Mr. Hariri said that he reached the decision after he discovered a plot about his assassination. He said that this had been made possible by Iran and its ally in Lebanon, the Hezbollah movement. Since then, a lot has transpired between the two nations. Saudi Arabia has accused Lebanon of trying to cause chaos in the country by launching a missile aimed at Saudi. The kingdom resulted in ordering its citizens to leave Lebanon. In a country that has had a long history of foreign meddling, Saudi Arabia is causing havoc. Lebanon is also a country that currently has a failed power-sharing government. To make the situation worse, it’s a small country that has been involved with sectarian politics for long. The country has managed to stay out of conflicts since the 2011 Arab uprisings. This has been the case even with the ongoing war in Syria. However, this looks set to come to an end with Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration setting their eyes on the Hezbollah movement as well as Iran, which happens to be its patron.

But the question that remains unanswered is why Saudi Arabia would risk a confrontation with their neighbors. Political experts say that Saudi sees an opportunity where they can have a common cause with the American government. They can join hands to fight the Hezbollah movement which up to date is the most effective ally of Iran. Since Donald Trump rose to power, he has singled Hezbollah as one of the terrorist organizations that he wants to go after. However, Saudi Arabia seems to forget that it’s already outstretched. At the moment, its confrontation with the Houthi rebels of Yemen is dragging on. At the same time, it has a stalemate with the diplomatic dispute with Qatar. Political experts say that if Saudi Arabia thinks that it can score an easy victory against the Hezbollah, its leaders have made a misjudgment which can result to a combustible and dangerous movement in an already troubled region. Back in 2016, the Hezbollah movement participated in the formation of the unity government in Lebanon. This is a unity that was even endorsed by Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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