Homeless Man Receives Funds After Helping Stranded Woman

Homeless Man, Johnny Bobbitt

The actions of a homeless man are grabbing the attention of people across the United States. Kate McClure has raised over $360,000 for the man who helped her when she was stranded on the side of the road in Philadelphia one night. The man was homeless and only had $20 on him. He walked to a gas station close to where Kate’s car ran out of gas and used all of the money that he had to get gas for her so that she could get to a safe location.

Johnny Bobbitt did what he thought was right when he told Kate to stay in her vehicle and lock her doors. He didn’t expect Kate to give him anything back for purchasing her gas. However, she knew that she wanted to do something for the man who helped her when he had nothing left at all. She started giving him money and snacks when she would stop in the area where Johnny was staying. She also got a jacket for him and other pieces of clothing so that he would stay warm. Kate wanted to help the man in another way, so she started a campaign on GoFundMe.

After posting Johnny’s story on the fundraiser page, the donations started to stream in from across the country. The page has secured over $360,000 to help Johnny get a vehicle, housing and to help turn his life around. Instead of keeping all of the money that has been raised, Johnny wants to help others by giving some of the funds to people who need help like he does. Kate and her boyfriend have learned a lot about Johnny. He was once a certified paramedic and wants to establish his credentials once again. Johnny became homeless after a job he moved to Philadelphia for fell through, forcing him to use the money he had with him to survive as long as he could.

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