Dog Rescued During Hurricane Harvey Has A New Home in Syracuse

Hounds Dog Rescue, Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey forced many people to leave their homes. Some people were forced to leave behind their pets. Many of these animals were sent to shelters. One of the shelters in Houston teamed up with a shelter in New York.

Helping Hounds Dog Rescue, which is located in Dewitt, has worked with shelters in Texas and Alabama for several years. This program has helped many animals find a forever home. Many animals have also been spared from euthanasia.

Willow is one of the many dogs that was rescued during Hurricane Harvey. Willow had a leg amputated because it had a bad infection. She was adopted by a college student named Adam Zaczek. He attends Syracuse University and is pursuing a doctoral degree. He stated that when people adopt a dog, they know that the dog likely has a troubled past. He does not know what type of past Willow came from, but he loves her just the same.

Willow is the first dog that Adam adopted. He has only had Willow for one week, but his life will never be the same. He believes that things will only get better. Adam and Willow are still learning about each other. Willow loves forward to going for a run every day with Adam. She loves playing regardless of whether she is inside or outside.

Adam stated that Willow seems to be doing great so far. However, he was worried about how she will adjust to the snow. He stated that he will get a sweater for her. SPCA of Texas is still looking for people to donate to help animals who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Even though many animals have been sent to other places, shelters are still overwhelmed. They are desperately trying to find forever homes for the dogs and cats.

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