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An Overview of Waiakea Water

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has by now made such a name for itself it springs to mind with any mention of bottled water. Since its inception in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, the founder’s unique vision has thrust the brand into the public consciousness. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is first and foremost a unique product. It offers volcanic drinking water, which goes through a natural filtration system, and its origin in the Mauna Loa Volcano peak means it gets purified by going through the volcano’s lava. This water is pure, with a distinct taste that has been described by a growing customer base as sweet, and proven to be one of the most alkaline brands out there.

But the success of Waiakea goes beyond the product. And it has been quite successful. Its exponential growth has resulted in its inclusion in the 2017 Inc. 5000 List’s fastest growing companies in America. It is in esteemed company, with the likes of GoPro, Under Armour and Microsoft. It was also the Top Volcanic Bottled Water Label of 2017.

The success of Waiakea is really down to its 3-pillar structure; it uses the principles of Health, Sustainability, and Ethics/Charity. In addition to producing healthy, eco-conscious water (which we’ve written about before), the team at Waiakea takes great prides in its environmental initiatives, designed in accordance with the traditional Hawaiian priority of preserving the environment.

This philosophy means Waiakea goes out of its way to reduce its ecological footprint, observing environmentally-friendly practices throughout the production and distribution process. More importantly, Waiakea does a lot to give back to the society and to local communities.

The company has actively taken up a number of initiatives to this effect.

Sustainable Production Process

Waiakea Water is sourced from the slopes of an aquifer at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano. It is a combination of rainfall, which falls throughout the year, and melting snow. This means the water production is sustainable; over 300 million gallons of water are produced in a day, and only a minuscule percentage of this bottled by the company.

Waiakea has a CarbonNeutral Certification, which means it is one of the few companies which has reduced its environmental impact to zero.

The company has therefore gone the extra mile to ensure it operates in a naturally sustainable environment, and that it does not deplete the resource in any way. Neither does it endanger it in the production process.

Recyclable Plastic Bottles

Waiakea is the first company to implement a fully degradable plastic bottle–which you can read more about here. For a company that deals in plastic packaging on an international scale, there were inherent concerns about just how biodegradable the material is.

In response, Waiakea is switching to bottles made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET). This was borne out of years of analysing the chemical composition of plastic bottles. RPET bottles Use 85% less energy to manufacture and 90% less water. They also reduce carbon emissions over 90%. The RPET bottles degrade at an accelerated rate of nearly 98%, reducing the amount of waste just lying around. Yet the quality and functionality of the bottle remains the same.

Waiakea is committed not only to implementing this completely degradable bottle, but to ensuring it is adopted by other companies across the world.

Donating Water to the Needy

Waiakea believes that one of its primary purposes is to provide positive change not only for the environment but also for anyone who might be in need throughout the world. Therefore, the company donates 1 week of clean water for every liter of water bought to people in need in Africa and around the world.

Malawi has some of the lowest water consumption statistics in the world, with many families being forced to use dirty water which then results in disease and death. In partnering with Pump Aid, Waiakea delivers water to parts of the world like Malawi. They work with local teams to install pumps, dig wells and deliver safe water to the locals, while engaging with them to ensure they can use the pumps on their own. These projects are also monitored and evaluated over time. So far, Waiakea and Pump Aid have installed pumps that serve over 487,600 people per day.

There are plans in place to expand to other sub-Saharan countries.

Partnerships with Local Schools

A portion of Waiakea’s revenue goes towards improving the state of the local community through strategic partnerships. With schools, for example, there are projects in place to improve education for children in Hawaii.

Waiakea is part of the Kama’aha Education Initiative. This project creates and implements programs in Science, Arts and Mathematics, but based on the culture that has existed in the society and the knowledge that exists to date. The Initiative is conveniently located where it can benefit native Hawaiians. Its ultimate goal is to make it possible for young people in the community to develop skills which will help them achieve their goals in their respective fields while being active members of the global community at the same time.

Healthier Water

There is more to water than just turning on a tap and drinking it. The body requires a proper pH balance, so the water you take must have the right balance of alkalinity. It has been shown that water with alkaline minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium is the best for the body, as it maintains this balance.

Waiakea Water is perhaps the purest alkaline water out there.

This water has electrolytes that replenish your body and leave you feeling fresh.

The water originates in one of the purest places on earth. As it goes through the filtration process in the lava rock of the Mauna Loa, the water is enriched with these minerals and electrolytes.

There are no lab processes or additives used in the production of Waiakea Water.

It is easy for a company to come out touting its commitments to the environment. A lot of the time, it rings false, or it takes a back seat to the profit margins. But with Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, we have the perfect example of a company walking the talk, with tangible goals and several successful initiatives under its belt. It may well have justified its reputation as the bottled-water company with a heart of gold.

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