A Twitter Campaign against Keurig

Keurig Green Mountain, Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Maker

A lot happened last weekend on Twitter. One man decided to post a video while he was dropping a Keurig Green Mountain coffee maker from the second floor. This happened under the hashtag #boycottkeurig. The man then added a caption that read “liberals are offended by this video, please retweet to offend a liberal.” This was just one of the videos as many were to follow under the same hashtag and the issue managed to be the trending issue on Twitter on Sunday. The question that lingers in the mind of many people is why people should boycott Keurig. At the same time, people can’t still understand what the boycott has to do with the liberals. Nonetheless, the story begins with none other than Sean Hannity. While speaking to the Fox News on Thursday, the topic of Roy Moore was brought up by the host. This is the Republican candidate vying for the state’s Senate seat in the 12th December special elections. He has been accused by a report by the Washington Post for sexually harassing underage women while he was 30-years-old. One of the youngest victims was a 14-years-old girl. While discussing one of the encounters with co-host Lynda McLaughlin, Mr. Hannity tried to justify it as consensual.

While speaking on his television show later, he confessed that he might have misspoken about the issue and that he was wrong. Instead, he started another theory that the accusers were in for political purposes or they were just lying for money. Then on Friday, Mr. Hannity began receiving criticism from the president of Media Matters for America Angelo Carusone. Moments later, Keurig made an announcement on Twitter that they were pulling their adverts from Mr. Hannity’s show. This was one of the five companies to announce that they were removing their ads from the show. Other companies include Nature Bounty and Realtor.com. This is the second time in 12 months that advertisers have threatened to stop collaborating with his shows. The last episode saw Bill O’ Reilly exit the company after a scandal revolved around him. At the same time, Keurig refused to comment on a question whether it would reconsider advertising with the broadcaster again. However, the company later sent an email to the chief executive officer of Fox News apologizing for the tweet. The company spokesman confirmed that the company had taken sides in an emotional debate. The decision to recant the tweet led to the hashtag.

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