A Gunman Kills 26 in Texas

Texas Shooting

The newest mass horror scene in America is a tiny town east of San Antonio. A young man wearing all-black shot parishioners who were going about their Sunday service. According to a police report, the man had a military-style rifle and had a ballistic vest on his chest. By the end of the ordeal that took place in rural Texas, 26 people had been killed. According to some police officers who spoke to news reporters, the man who carried out the attack has been identified as Devin Patrick Kelly. He was 26. However, as the case is still ongoing, the police officers could only speak on the condition of anonymity. It has also been rumored that the attacked is a former Air Force serviceman who recently served at an air force base in New Mexico. During the time of the shooting, the attacker lived in Braunfels, Texas. The police officers confirmed that the man died shortly after the shooting. Police in Texas have not confirmed the motive of the attack. However, this is an attack that has killed families praying to the lord and clutching to their bibles. Police say that the man started firing at the church some few minutes after the Sunday service began. The church has been identified as the First Baptist Church.

People at the scene confirmed that the attacker had a Ruger military-style rifle. After several minutes of shooting, most of the people in the church were either wounded or dead. The youngest victim is five years while the oldest in 72. The pastor’s 14-year-old daughter is among the victims. The attack also killed a pregnant woman and several children. The state confirmed that this is the worst attack in the state’s history. Police later confirmed that more than 20 people had been wounded during the attack. Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt said that before the attack, they thought that shootings didn’t happen in small communities. He said that the shooting on Sunday had now changed the belief. Before the incident began, the attacker stopped at a gas station that is located on Highway 87. A moment later, the attacker got out of his car and began shooting. He then entered the church to ensure that his work was thorough. An armed neighbor then began exchanging fire with the gunman and managed to hit him. The man decided to flee in his car, but he was chased by the neighbors. He died when he crashed his car.

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