4 Benefits of Getting a Free Property Inspection From Aloha Construction

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Did you know that Aloha Construction offers free property inspections? From their offices in Lake Zurich and Bloomington, Illinois, Aloha Construction serves the central and northern Illinois areas with high-quality craftsmanship and free property inspections.

Booking a free property inspection for your home can have many benefits. Even if there hasn’t been a recent storm, normal aging of your roof and low winds can cause damages you may not know are there. Also, Aloha Construction’s 9 step inspection process can spot and uncover damages your insurance company may not see, and therefore would not have covered. Remember, most insurance company’s damage coverage is time sensitive, so if you skip a property inspection and miss that window, paying for those issues will come out of your pocket instead.

Finally, when you get a free property inspection from Aloha Construction, all of the new roofing and repairs they install on your home will come with a 10-year warranty, to keep your family and your house protected for years to come. If you haven’t had a property inspection in the past year, call Aloha Construction today to take advantage of these 4 benefits!

1. Normal Aging and Low Winds Can Damage Your Roof

Many people believe that their roof can only be damaged by a major storm, but that is just not true. Your roof can sustain damages from normal aging or low winds, especially if your shingles are asphalt or cedar shake. The best way to protect your home is to schedule a free property inspection with Aloha Construction, to detect and repair the regular wear and tear to your roof and increase its lifespan.

Another common misconception is that if your roof is damaged, you will know. However, missing shingles can be hard to see from outside of your home, and leaks and rot can be undetectable for months. Because of this, getting regular property inspections from Aloha Construction is essential. The longer your roof goes unrepaired, the more damage will be done, which means more expenses for you and your wallet.

2. Aloha Construction Uses a 9 Step Inspection Process

During every free property inspection, Aloha Construction uses a 9 step inspection process to identify issues to your roof. This includes sending out a team of highly trained experts to check not only your shingles but also your attic ventilation and flashing as well. This inspection process is rigorous and can catch damages your insurance company may miss.

The whole process is made easy from start to finish with Aloha Construction. They know that you are busy and are here to help make your life easier. After their team properly documents and assess all damages to your home, they can even help you file your insurance claim or get financing from their partners at Synchrony Financial to cover the costs of repairs.

3. Insurance Claims are Time Sensitive

Many insurance companies have specific time frames in which damages need to be claimed. If you miss that window, your insurance company can refuse coverage, and you will be stuck paying for damages out of pocket. It is frustrating to pay a monthly premium to your insurance company, only to be denied coverage when you need it the most. That is why it is important to call Aloha Construction for a free property inspection after every major storm, to make sure that any hail or wind damages to your roof, gutter, or siding, can be documented and claimed before time runs out. This not only helps you get complete coverage, but also minimizes damages that can occur from leaving leaks, rot, and missing shingles unrepaired. No one wants to discover damages years after they occur! Regular inspection and maintenance is key to a healthy roof.

4. 10 Year Warranty

A final reason why you should call Aloha Construction for a free property inspection is because they offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on all of their roofing, siding, and exterior work. This makes the whole process of repairing your home simple from start to finish. Aloha Construction assesses your damages for free in their property inspection, helps file your claim or get financing for repairs, and then after fixing every problem attaches a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on their work! It’s more than just a streamlined process and quality repairs. It’s the peace of mind knowing that your family and your house is protected from unforeseen circumstances and heavy financial strain in the future.

There is never a better time than today to call Aloha Construction for a free property inspection. If you live in the Lake Zurich and Bloomington areas in Illinois, the process couldn’t be easier and the benefits can’t be beat.

Not all roofing damage comes from major storms. These free property inspections can reveal damages from low winds or even normal aging and wear and tear that you may not have noticed before. Aloha Construction’s rigorous 9 step inspection process can also find damages that your insurance company may miss, not only to your roofing but to your attic ventilation and flashing as well.

Another benefit to scheduling an Aloha Construction free property inspection is discovering hidden damages before it’s too late. Many insurance policies are time sensitive and can refuse coverage if you file a claim outside of the pre-agreed time frame. Regular property inspections can ensure you never miss one again. Finally, once your inspection and repairs are completed, Aloha Construction will leave you with a 10-year craftsmanship warranty, to ensure that you always have peace of mind knowing your home is covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Aloha Construction for a free property inspection today!


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