Waiakea Water Developing a New Groundbreaking Degradable Water Bottle

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The bottled water industry today is just as competitive, if not more, than the bottled soda industry. Look at the shelves in the local supermarket, many stores have a whole aisle just for the countless different types of bottled water that are available. Waiakea Inc. is distancing themselves from the pack in a good way, not by lowering prices or creating a clever marking campaign, by introducing the very first fully degradable plastic bottle in this and any industry. Not resting on the recent success of their award-winning Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, the company is focused on environmental initiatives that will benefit a global audience.

Time for Change in Plastic Bottle Production
The explosion in popularity of bottled water in recent years poses a huge environmental problem for the planet. At the rate the plastic bottles are being produced and then discarded, local landfills and the oceans of the world will be overwhelmed with a product that will not begin to degrade for another millennium or more. The increase in production of that plastic and explosion in the population in the next decade are a recipe for disaster. Waiakea Water has their finger on the pulse of environmental initiatives, and the release of the first fully degradable plastic bottle is a huge step in the right direction. Waiakea Inc. has partnered with TimePlast, and developed an additive that will speed up the process by which plastic will degrade. The new plastic water bottles being produced by Waiakea Water can degrade 97% faster than any of the plastic bottles that are traditionally being used today.

Meeting and Exceeding All Expectations

Waiakea Water is Paving the Way for Eco-Conscious Bottled Water Companies

Waiakea Inc. burst on to the scene in 2012, and even back in their early days, the focus was on giving back to those in need. Lucky for Waiakea Water, they tapped into a natural resource with a Hawaiian aquifer that could naturally purify billions of the best tasting water on the planet every single day. The buzz about the volcanic tubes purifying the water could have sustained Waiakea Water for years, but CEO Ryan Emmons felt a moral and ethical obligation to preserve the planet for future generations by making a better plastic water bottle. The CEO and staff at Waiakea Water felt that creating plastic that would lie in landfills for 1,500 years was not the way to be grateful for the abundant purified water source they discovered. By teaming up with TimePlast, Emmons says he can lessen his company’s ecological footprint by speeding up the degradation of plastic bottles so they are literally gone in only 15 years compared to over a millennium.

Competing in a Crowded Market Space
Right out of the gate in 2012, Waiakea Inc. was already creating a buzz and seeing huge increases in sales year over year. The popularity of the water was due to taste and purification process, and any other company could have road out that success for many years without changing the way the company operated. Emmons knew from the start that he was going to blaze a trail in a new direction by giving back in abundance to those who can not acquire clean water than so many take for granted. The obsession with giving back was evident early on when Waiakea Water would donate a week of clean water for every bottle of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water they sold. Early on, the company focused on helping local Hawaiians in need, but quickly those efforts became global. In addition to donating millions of gallons of clean water to those in need, the company donates their time by helping less fortunate countries install water wells and tap into natural resources right under their feet.

Working to Provide for the Future Generations

Waiakea Water Prioritzes the Environment

It takes a big company to give back when they just are starting out, and Waiakea Water got into the habit early on by giving resources to locals in need. As the company grew, so their efforts to help reach a global audience. The re-engineered nano-degraded water bottles will produce a smaller ecological footprint, benefiting future generations and hopefully changing the way plastic bottle manufacturers develop their own products. Reducing Waiakea Water’s carbon footprint by 65% could trigger the plastic bottle industry to follow suit. This means that not only will there be less in the way of plastic piling up at landfills, more limited natural resources will be around for future generations to make use of and enjoy. The company already boosted a 100% RPET water bottle, now they will be the first to introduce a fully degradable plastic bottle that will revolutionize an industry.

The Commitment to Excellence Tomorrow
Waiakea Water has already shown they are at the forefront of donating clean water to those who do not have access to the most basic of all resources, but today they are focused on the long-term future of those who can not access clan water. CEO Ryan Emmons says that the ability of the company’s new water bottle to degrade in only 15 years is a start, but more efforts are underway to help provide long-term ecological benefits to the world. Emmons says his company also donates the time of his employees who work with PumpAid and travel the world installing water pumps in countries where clean water is not available. Millions are dying each year from water-born illnesses, and Waiakea Inc. again is leading the charge to not only provide water, but to teach communities how to access clean water and how to preserve that natural resource so they can thrive.

Waiakea Inc. is going to release their new fully degradable plastic water bottle and change the world, and Emmons hopes other bottlers will help revolutionize an industry. One pound of the plastic additive can alter one thousand pounds of plastic so it degrades in only 15 years, requiring limited additional costs any plastic bottle manufacture can quickly and easily absorb. Regardless how many other bottling companies do the same, Waiakea Water has their sights on their own environmental initiatives and appear to be ready to change the way the world looks at plastic bottles moving forward.

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