Trump’s Team not Worried

Paul Manafort, Politics

Following the arrest of Paul J. Manafort, White House lawyers said that the arrests had nothing to do with the Trump administration. They further said that the arrests didn’t prove in any way that the president colluded with the Russians to tip the US election. The White House was also referring to the arrest of Rick Gates who is a former assistant to Mr. Manafort. They also touched on the plea that had been made by George Papadopoulos. As for Mr. Papadopoulos, he used to serve as a campaign advisor before he left the administration. To show that they were not distracted, the White House representatives and the president focused their attention to the Democrats pointing fingers to their actions during the campaign period. This statement was issued by the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She said that yesterday’s announcement was not in any way associated with the president. She was responding to questions that had been asked by news reporters. In an angry tone, she reminded the reporters that the president has repeated time and again that there was no evidence. This was also echoed by a private attorney known as Jay Sekulow who also works for the president. He emphasized that the legal team and the president were not terrified by the indictments. He was speaking to the CNN yesterday.

The president also addressed the issue on Twitter. However, he could only touch on the issue relating to foreign lobbying violations, money laundering, and tax fraud. He said that since these charges involved a previous private business, he was not worried. He wrote the word sorry mocking the people who thought that he would be indicted. He further wrote a second tween asking why the Democrats are not the focus. She also referred to Hilary Clinton as crooked Hillary in the tweet. However, he did not talk about the guilty plea of the former advisor. As for Sarah Huckabee, she mentioned that Mr. Papadopoulos was just a volunteer on a number of occasions. For instance, she reminded the press that the guilty plea had nothing to do with the campaign efforts. She said that the gentleman had to deal with the consequences of failing to tell the truth. The Democrats, on the other hand, seized the opportunity to link their Republican brothers to the allegations. One Democrat who spoke about the issue is Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. Tom Udall of New Mexico also commented about the issue.

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