Tillerson And U.S. Diplomacy Are Up For Sale In Trump’s Complex Opinion

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It’s one thing to disagree with President Donald. Most of the world disagrees with him in one way or another. And Trump thrives on the energy from those disagreements. But when you call Trump a “moron,” your future in his cabinet is over. And Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is guilty of using that five-letter word to describe his thoughts about the president’s level of decision making.

Supporters of Tillerson say Trump deserves that piece of unedited honesty because the president has been undermining and humiliating Tillerson in public. Thanks to Trump’s lack of support for his secretary of state, Tillerson looks like a messenger boy rather than a decision-making cabinet member. Rex wants to handle foreign affairs using diplomacy, not eighth-grade bullying. Unfortunately, the world knows Trump is offering the world his version of a celebrity-psychopath. And that vision is ruining U.S. Diplomacy, and any credibility Tillerson and his staff hope to have in the global political game.

Opponents of Tillerson say Rex got off on the wrong foot when he went through the state department like Attila the Hun on steroids. Thanks to Tillerson’s lack of respect for the institution of the State Department, the U.S. is not in the foreign affairs game with enough ambassadors. And critical State department positions are still empty. Rex is talking in public about his estranged business-bro relationship with Trump. Tillerson was clear when he said he was not going to resign. But the news that he was thinking about resigning is floating in the news media’s version of “all things Trump, and it won’t go away.”

Most Washington insiders know Tillerson is toast in Trump’s mind. But Tillerson is doing his job, albeit in a constricted way. He is trying to open backdoor communications with North Korea. Mr. Trump gave Tillerson a hard blow to the ego when he tweeted “I told Tillerson he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket man. Save your energy, Rex.”

And to pull the noose tighter around Tillerson’s neck, Trump wants to pull-out of the Iran deal. The U.S. is not the only country to sign that agreement, so there is going to be some serious diplomatic energy needed to salvage the credibility Trump is destroying with Iran, Russia, China, and the European Union. Iran’s behavior in the Middle East is an “F.” But the deal with Iran is better than the president thinks it is. That’s why Tillerson, the Joint Chiefs Chairman Joe Dunford and Gen Mattis, all say the Iran deal works for now.

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