The Mounting Pressure on Technology Companies

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Technology has changed the world in many ways. For instance, were it not for technology, the Arab Spring revolution would have backfired on the first day. The revolution was made possible by social media. Since time immemorial, these are the stories that the world of technology has always thrived on. Technology loves being associated with a better future, enlightenment as well as bringing freedom. At one moment, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that the social media platform thrived because it possessed the ability to change the world. In fact, a 2012 manifesto that he wrote to investors proclaimed that Facebook should be perceived as a tool that can bring about transparent and honest dialogue in governments. He further said that Facebook had the ability to solve the biggest problems that are facing humanity today. Five years later, technology companies including Facebook are under investigation for helping the Russians and the Russian government interfere with the US elections. While social media may have been viewed as a tool that can bring about liberation, the view has now changed. People see it a way of evoking anger and the feelings of other people. At the same time, social media can be seen as a tool of manipulation that is also lacking transparency.

Other than elections, technology companies influence other sectors of the economy thus having a lot of influence and power on people. For instance, a tech company like Amazon is influencing the way people shop. On the other hand, another tech company such as Google is influencing the way people acquire knowledge while Facebook is influencing the way people communicate. In short, these tech companies can control who accesses the internet and who should be denied access. Their power can only be compared to the power that kings used to possess. A University of New York Stern School of Business professor known as Scott Galloway has a good explanation of how people should view technology companies. He says that there has always been an argument in the tech world about which chief was like Jesus. There were questions about which executive was going to run for president. Finally, there is a question surrounding the technology field where these companies ask themselves which did the best job in convincing their customers to stay with them. Under the pressure that they have found themselves in, these companies have bowed down to pressure and are addressing the issues of concern.

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