Renewing the Fight against Climate Change by Australians

Climate Change

Reports have emerged that the Australian government is contemplating about constructing a coal mine in the country. By the time that the project is done, the coal mine will be the largest in Australia. The proposed project is likely to take place in in a region known as the Galilee Basin. This is an areas where only eucalyptus and acacia trees separate creeks. The project has been awarded to an Indian conglomerate known as the Adani Group. The company has managed to catch the attention of the Australians by demanding $800 million of the taxpayers’ money. In return, the company has argued that the project will create thousands of jobs for the locals. However, despite their widespread lobbying actions, the company has not convinced environmentalists both in Australia and abroad. They broadly question whether a giant coal mine is the answer to energy demands in a world that is under the threat of climate change. To make it worse, the opponents argue that the project should not be implemented using government resources. Government resources translate to taxpayers’ money according to these people. The proposal by the Adani include five underground complexes as well as six open-cut pits. At the end of every year, the project will be producing approximately 66 million tons of coal.

To ensure that coal is extracted at six other locations in the Galilee Basin, extra infrastructure is needed. This is why there is a plan to build a rail line and also expand the port. The new project is expected to double coal production in Australia. At the moment, Australia is the fourth leading country in coal production. The only nations that surpass its production are China, India and the United States. It’s also important to consider that of the 487 tons of coals produced by Australia every day, 88 percent is exported. Environmentalists argue that the outcome of this project will be a revelation of the world’s commitment in mitigating climate change. If the project succeeds, it will be a sign that the international community is still attached to the use of coal in power production. However, should the project be limited, it will be a sign of the Australian government commitment in controlling climate change. Australian Conservative Foundation president Geoffrey Cousins questions how the Australian government can allow for the construction of the project at a time when the world is fighting the use of fossil fuels.

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