Regulating Technology Companies in the US

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For the past few years, criticizing the biggest technology companies in America has become impossible. Even the traditionally powerful voices in the country don’t have the power to criticize them. This was quite surprising considering that some of these powerful voices were established telecom businesses and the media. How could you criticize an industry that had made countless contributions to the economy? This is how most politicians in Washington used to argue. At the same time, it was difficult to criticize these companies on the education aspect considering that educators loved and embraced their tools. The public couldn’t also do this as they adored their new devices. Then, all over a sudden, things seem to have changed. This has been made possible by the Russians interfering with the US elections using companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. This has forced the industry critics to take this rare opportunity to take their shots. For instance, there is a review site from America called Yelp that has always complained about the power and size of Google. With prospects that the Capitol Hill is likely to listen to its pleas, the site has decided to file a federal antitrust complaint against the company.

On the other hand, media organizations are having their say. They say that these internet companies ought to be subjected to the same advertising disclosures like television and print businesses. At the same time, the sex-trafficking bill is another area that could affect the big companies. However, they argue that this lawsuit is unfair to them as it’s likely to result in unfair lawsuits. This has targeted technology companies such as the 21st Century Fox, Oracle, and Walt Disney Company. Chief executive of Yelp Jeremy Stoppelman said that the company had reached a point where it felt like it would never be heard. He laments that they now have a clean shot. This lawsuit comes at an opportune time when lawmakers in Washington are thinking about implementing regulations for these companies. This has forced smaller companies in the tech field to join hands and compare notes with Google. They have said that they want to create a stronger force against the forces that want to make it difficult for tech companies. Tech companies in America have been used to show what it means to be at the epitome of American ingenuity. For those that can remember, lawmakers in 2012 suffered an embarrassing defeat when they tried to strengthen antipiracy rules.

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