Plans to Repeal and Replace Clean Power Plan

Affordable Care Act, Clean Power Plan

President Trump seems to have something against the bills that were passed in the Obama administration. After failing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the Trump administration has turned its focus to another piece of legislation by Obama administration. The administration is targeting the Clean Power Plan. Many consider this as the centerpiece for the former president in his war against climate change. The administration, on the other hand, has left the change to the public as they have asked the public to submit their suggestions about how they want the appeal to look like. This is according to information that was released by the Environmental Protection Agency just yesterday. However, there is a draft that acts as the first substantive step by the Trump administration to repeal the climate change bill. This comes after a string of tweets that were made by President Trump as he criticized the efforts by Barack Obama to curb climate change through pollution. For starters, this bill was designed by the past administration to bring down the greenhouse gases that were emitted in the United States. However, there are fears that the new rules will be weaker regulations. This comes from the fact that the administration has asked major players in the pollution industry to pass laws against themselves. Critics also say that asking the public to design the law is not a good idea.

The document addressing this issue is referred to as the EPA October 2017 Tiering List. According to people who have seen the document, it lays out the high priority issues that will be considered by the office that deals with air pollution and radiation. However, there is a provision that says that a formal notice will be issued later. The notice will be in regards to developing new rules that will go a long way in reducing carbon emission. Areas that are being targeted include the fossil-fueled sector. At the moment, the document has not explained how it will go about in convincing courts to do away with the Obama administration regulations. However, there are some speculations that were floated by industry attorneys who know the laws. They say that the EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt is likely to argue that the old regulations rely on clean air laws from the federal government that are just broad. At one time during his campaign, President Trump referred to Obama environmental regulations as job-killing and stupid.

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