The Role of Science Fiction in Mitigating Climate Change

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The United States has been battered by extraordinary floods and hurricanes for the last two months. As a result, readers of Paolo Bacigalupi books started sending him some clips of the “In Ship Breaker .“ For starters, this is a science fiction book that was selected for the National Book Award back in 2010. This is science fiction book written by Mr. Bacigalupi that talks about a category six hurricane. The purpose of sending him this book was to ask him whether the latest hurricanes and flood was what he was referring to. Like Mr. Bacigalupi said, the issue of climate change has become a tricky one to novelists like him. This is because when writing such a book, it must be characterized by moments of crises. This means including sandy and sunken futures, flooded futures as well as drought ravaged futures. Will the latest twist of events, we can only conclude that climate-themed fiction is not an invention. Instead, it’s an extension. However, the fact that some fiction works have turned up in real life, some especially relating to apocalyptic fiction look all too plausible. This is why the New York Times decided to select a few climate-themed stories and find out how true they could be.

Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Water Knife
This is the fifth book that Paolo Bacigalupi has written touching on climate issues. The book was released in the year 2015. In this book, he asks his readers what would happen if drought became part of the American South West. In answering this query, he suggests that drug dealers, apocalyptic cults, and refugees would become the norm of the day. The drug cartels would be controlling this land including water. The writer says that if you manage to put this into people minds, you have the ability of changing the way they approach daily life. However, what has been written in this book was described as a scientific extension by Leon Szeptycki who works with Stanford Woods Institute for the Environmental as a professor and an attorney. He notes that climate change can cause a lot of economic and social disruption but not to the extent described by Mr. Bacigalupi.

Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins
In this novel, the area that has been swallowed by drought is California. It’s even been referred to using the name Amargosa Dune Sea. At the same time, nothing can grow in California, and the state becomes lawless. This brings the fear of how climate change could lead to accelerated evolution.

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