Rubbish Removal Leader Clearabee : Key Components of the Push to Save our Fragile Planet


The push for green living that reduces the impact of human activity on the environment is spawning some incredibly creative waste-reduction solutions. Developers are now constructing buildings with pneumatic tubing that transports trash directly to sorting spaces. The aim of such technologies is to reduce the amount of waste that is transported to landfills. It won’t be long until the world’s newest buildings let tenants and others drop compost, recyclables and other materials into chutes conveniently positioned outside of their doors. Though this futuristic scenario will take years, if not decades or longer to implement on a mass scale, you can do your part to save the planet in the meantime by hiring Clearabee for rubbish removal performed in the cleanest and greenest manner possible.

Waste has Become a Big Problem

There strong push for sustainable living is partially attributable to the fact that we are running out of landfill space. Though some waste can be burned or buried underground, we will eventually run out of space for rubbish removal. Consider the following statistic: the typical American generates upwards of 130 pounds of garbage each month. According to the journal Nature, worldwide waste will increase threefold to hit 11 million every single day by the year 2100. In total, humans produce 14 billion tons of trash each year. Green rubbish removal performed by Clearabee certainly helps to eliminate junk in an environmentally-friendly manner yet more is necessary. Our team will do everything possible to get rid of your rubbish in a manner that does not pollute the planet. We pursue every avenue before dumping undesired items in landfills. However, Clearabee green rubbish removal is only one piece of the puzzle.

Landfills are not the Answer

As the planet’s population swells and more trash is generated, it is becoming increasingly clear that landfills are not the answer. Landfills are often engineered and positioned in quite the precise manner yet their negative impact on the environment is an inevitability. When trash is thrown away in the conventional manner rather than recycled by green rubbish removal companies like Clearabee, it goes directly to a landfill where it is sealed within the ground. It might decompose a bit yet it will likely retain its form as water and air can’t reach it. Think of the landfill as a tomb in which trash is mummified rather than composted or recycled.

The trash that accumulates in these spaces leaks harmful liquids directly into the ground. These liquids gradually make their way to groundwater. This polluted water is consumed by animals. Such tainted groundwater is not safe for human consumption. In some instances, it flows to our crops, sabotaging their integrity and wasting even more precious natural resources.

The pollutive nature of landfills extends far beyond water contamination. These spaces generate 25 percent of all methane. Though certain landfills have initiated projects that convert gas into energy to generate electricity or fuel replacements from trash, most landfills are nothing more than massive rotting piles of garbage. Some landfill trash is burned and turned to ash yet this ash often ends up right back in the landfill. Burning also generates sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that create smog, toxic mercury compounds and acid rain. Even the transportation of waste to landfills harms the environment. The trains, trucks and other large vehicles required to haul trash to these spaces release dirty diesel exhaust containing upwards of 40 toxic substances.

Recycling in New and Creative Ways


It might not be long until buildings are made of recycled materials. You read that right!  Your garbage will soon be used to build massive structures. Consider Terreform One, a New York-based design firm that aims to crush garbage and mold it into blocks for the construction of skyscrapers. This firm plans to build a 53-story tower made of the waste generated by New Yorkers in a mere 24-hour period. Pura Vida, a Guatemalan firm, promotes using eco-block materials for the construction of buildings. These eco-blocks are nothing more than plastic bottles loaded up with garbage. The company states its eco-blocks can withstand earthquakes and provide fantastic insulation.


Trash for Power


It won’t be long until food waste generates power. Aanaerobic-digestion facilities make use of machinery to spur microbes’ natural ability to break apart organic matter and generate power. Though these facilities are quite costly, they can prove quite profitable if there is a steady stream of food waste. This just might be the green power solution large cities have been looking for. Plenty such metropolises have made restaurant and grocery store food waste dumping illegal. Such undesired food waste could be re-purposed in anaerobic-digestion facilities to create power. These facilities are much safer for humans and the surrounding planet than burnish trash in anattempt to turn it into fuel.

Food waste can also be re-purposed for pet food. Companies in California and Ireland have developed creative ways to transform edible garbage into tasty treats for dogs, cats and other pets. Though the recycling of food for power or pet food is certainly challenging and laborious due to the fact that it must be performed in a prompt manner, these solutions make more sense than simply letting food rot in landfills.

Heating Waste to Generate Liquid Fuels

Scientists are working on plasma gasification to supplant the burning of waste and the overfilling of landfills. This process is quite efficient and green compared to trash incineration. It heats garbage in a pressurized space to generate syngas. This substance can be converted to liquid fuels as well as other useful chemicals. Another process known as pyrolysis also has plenty of potential for the re-purposing of waste. Pyrolysis heats garbage until it can be used as fuel. These methods of green trash conversion are quite costly yet they will likely become more affordable as time progresses and the technology behind them improves.

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