Money Woes For FEMA

Federal Emergency Management Agency, Hurricane Harvey

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the Federal Emergency Management Agency acted and started helping those who needed shelter, food and other resources. Because of the significant impacts that Harvey had in Houston and other areas in Texas, FEMA could be out of money as soon as Friday. This is not good news for those in Florida and other states that could be hit by Hurricane Irma. It is now up to Congress to release funds that can help those who are in need.

There is just a little over $1 billion left that FEMA has to work with. A little over $500 million is available for immediate use for recovery efforts and other necessities that are related to the destruction left behind by Harvey. There was a little over $2 billion before Harvey made landfall. It is estimated that $9 million an hour has been spent for rescue and relief efforts. FEMA would be almost completely depleted of the funding that it has when Irma begins to make landfall somewhere in the United States. The track for Irma is still questionable, but there is a high possibility that Florida will take a direct hit.

There could be another $8 billion on its way to FEMA and other agencies if President Trump is able to get Congress on board with the decision. A vote will take place soon in the House and Senate about funding for victims of Harvey. Until there is more money, FEMA is limiting the amounts that are spent. Only immediate needs are being met until there is more funding for the agency. One possibility is for FEMA to take money from other organizations to help with recovery and relief efforts. If more money isn’t released, then FEMA will have to make some tough decisions about the services that it provides.

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