Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions Are Working to Increase Baltimore Homeownership

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Just recently, RPS Solutions LLC confirmed its partnership with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST)—a partnership that would increase Baltimore homeownership and ensure housing is available to low-and moderate-income families.

Basically, RPS Solutions LLC specializes in creating affordable housing, and making sure that home ownership is achieved. National Community Stabilization Trust, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization in the U.S that facilitates the transfer of abandoned and foreclosed properties from financial institutions to housing organizations in order to promote the re-use of property and neighborhood stability. And as from 2009, NCST has successfully facilitated over 23,000 properties to non-profit home buyers across the U.S.

Kevin Seawright, the Managing Partner of RPS Solutions, expressed his excitement for the NCST model and hoped that it would ultimately make houses in Baltimore more affordable and increase the rate of homeownership, as well as boost the local economic growth.

Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions

Seawright was the founder of RPS Solutions, and he aimed to come up with a housing market that’s affordable whilst strengthening the Baltimore community. Now Seawright works together with his dedicated team of experts to assist the residents of Baltimore to achieve homeownership. And he believes that the partnership with NCST—which is basically a non-profit strategic development program, will reduce the barrier of affordability and ultimately boost the rate of homeownership statewide. With NCST’s First Look acquisition program, RPS Solutions LLC and other local housing and community development organizations can easily acquire REO properties right in their local markets before they are sold nationwide and at a higher price. This way, it is easy for the residents to exceed the current homeownership rate in the city eventually.

About RPS Solutions LLC

Founded in 2015 by Kevin Seawright, RPS Solutions is fundamentally a joint partnership venture, which renovates as well as constructs more affordable homes. Its key commitment is to create more homeowners in Baltimore city and its surrounding counties. RPS Solutions strives to create a great environment that supports and emboldens diversity throughout the city of Baltimore and its neighborhoods, where the community is healthy and thriving and, most importantly, home ownership is achieved through stabilizing and revitalizing the low-to moderate-income communities.

About Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a reputable financial and administrative professional with outstanding skills in Operations and Management of capital. He is located in Newark, New Jersey. His strategic vision and abilities in achieving business goals are well known. He possesses a combination of business acumen, efficiency, and knowledge regarding the private, federal, and state funds.

Before relocating to New Jersey, Seawright had successfully been involved in different government fields— Real Estate Development, and Local Government Education in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

In his community involvement, Seawright has been a coach for local youth sports teams. He also has been a member of an advisory board for the Babe Ruth Museum, National Forum for Black Public Administrators, American Society for Public Administration, and the National Association of Black Accountants.

Kevin Seawright’s Major Accomplishments

Mr. Seawright has accomplished many things in his career, but some of the greatest accomplishments were achieved after he joined Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. One of Seawright’s notable accomplishments was the boost of revenue that increased foretasted annual returns by over 25%. Besides that, he is also well-known for having helped solidify Human Capital Divisions retention of staff, improve recruiting efforts, compensation adjustments, collective bargaining, management, and negotiations.

Before working with Newark CEDC, some of his greatest accomplishments were achieved while he was in Government as Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Vice President. And while in government, he successfully managed a $600 million worth of educational renovation projects for Baltimore schools, and also $134 million annual operating budget.

It is clear that some of Seawright’s responsibilities throughout his career have included building positive relationships with a broad range of associations, at the local, city, or state level. He has dedicated to coming out to help the city regions to develop with the aid of different initiative programs, which played an essential role in transforming the lives of people. Well, a partnership with NCST is, without a doubt, a great move.

You can find Kevin Seawright on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. He enjoys sharing information about his work history, achievements, and RPS Solutions LLC, which aims to help make housing affordable in Baltimore as well as its surrounding counties.

Learn more about Kevin’s company, RPS Solutions LLC from their website here:

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