Gender Imbalance in Silicon Valley

Gender Imbalance

According to data produced recently, it has been shown that male employees continue to dominate the salary scale at Google. According to the same report, female employees continue to receive less salary compared to their male counterparts despite climbing up the corporate ladder. The latest report is a 2017 report that shows the salaries of 1,200 Google workers in the US. This represents a little percent of the company’s employees worldwide. Responding to the report, Google distanced itself from the report claiming that it painted an incomplete picture of their salaries. However, financial experts say that the current report is likely to worsen the concerns that have been ongoing in Silicon Valley about gender disparities. However, as these big companies continue to grow in influence and wealth, there has been little progress in wages for employees especially women. Other than being paid less, these women are underrepresented in key areas such as leadership and engineering. Recent research by McKinsey Global Institute explained the continued gender imbalances in large companies. Google has come under criticism from its own employees, investors and is currently under scrutiny by the Labor Department on these issues. Google is seen as a company that should set standards due to it generous compensations as well as its perks.

Arjuna Capital Equity director of research Natasha Lamb said that just like the Wall Street has emerged as the boys’ club of the east, Silicon Valley has emerged as the boys’ club of the west. Arjuna Capital Equity specializes in issues affecting gender pay in women. The company recently tried to convince Alphabet to disclose the amount that women make in the company. While the directors advised the company’s shareholders to reject the suggestion, the shareholders decided to disclose the amount that women make. Prior to Alphabet, Arjuna had managed to convince other tech giants to disclose the amount that women make. Some of these companies include Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. The self-reported salary spreadsheet has been in existence since 2015 after it was introduced by a curious former worker who had the idea of helping current workers. However, the current spreadsheet cannot be relied on as there are some errors by some workers. On the other hand, there are some job levels that employees have refused to fill their salary information. The sheet covers six job levels within the company. Some of these levels include experienced managers, level one managers as well as entry level employees.

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