Sawyer Howitt explains the different mindsets of a business owners vs entrepreneurs

Business Owner vs. Entrepreneur – Sawyer Howitt Explains the Different Mindsets

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The word “entrepreneur” has risen dramatically in popularity in recent years. Everyone wants to work from a private beach, set their own hours and tell their boss where to shove it. Technology has advanced to the point that more people than ever are living that dream, and the terms “entrepreneur” and “small business owner” are sometimes used interchangeable. It’s great that there are more opportunities to work for yourself than ever before, but not every small business owner is a true entrepreneur.

To understand the difference, it helps to familiarize yourself with successful entrepreneurs like Sawyer Howitt. As a seventeen-year-old senior in high school, he is already a project manager with The Meriwether Group and is actively helping business owners transform their companies as well as their mindset. He works with seasoned business owners who want to earn more money and infuse more creativity into their business concepts as well as young people who have great ideas and want to create new businesses.

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur building a career around his passion for business development and expansion. What sets him apart from many business owners is his mindset, so let’s take a look at a few mental changes that anyone can make in order to live the entrepreneurial dream rather than simply owning a business to make a living.

Passion & Purpose Over Money

Too many people select their business models and products based on what they think other people want. They think that they have to put their personal interests aside and follow the money, but entrepreneurs will find a way to make the same amount of money, and often much more, while doing things that they love. They work much harder than the standard business owner because they enjoy the process.

A business owner goes to work and grinds it out to make the money. An entrepreneur gets up excited for the work because they’re motivated by a deeper passion that has nothing to do with money. The entrepreneur receives greater satisfaction and personal reward, and that gives them more drive to take their business further. It’s more than a job or a way to make money.

If you know your hobbies and obsessions on a deep level, you already know what problems are commonly encountered by others who share those interests. Great entrepreneurs start with those needs and come up with effective ways to solve those problems. Just like that, they have a business based on true need that has a great chance of succeeding. This is quite different from selecting a business based on dollar signs alone.

Sawyer Howitt is the perfect example of how this works. He knew from an early age that he was interested in the development of successful businesses, including the complicated financial issues that confuse and frustrate many others. As a high school student with big ambitions and the desire to work for himself, he knew what problems other young adults were facing as they tried to build successful futures as entrepreneurs.

Sawyer Howitt took action to teach others how to succeed in business and as entrepreneurs. His business is rooted in a personal passion and is focused on the needs of others, and that is why he’s a successful entrepreneur in the making.

Relentless Problem Solving

Many business owners settle for decent sales when they could enjoy extraordinary sales. They get stuck in a rut with little to no growth, and they either give up or miserably push through the grind because they don’t know how to fix it. Many don’t have the confidence to believe that there is anything better for their business.

Entrepreneurs break this pattern because they know that there is always something new to learn. If they don’t know how to do something, they make the effort to do the research and to connect with others who do know. They push to the max rather than doing just the minimum to get by with mediocre profits. When a problem arises, they set out to find a solution rather than dwelling on the setback. They also tend to never take no for an answer, so they will persevere even when it seems no one else believes in their vision.

Business owners settle into their comfort zone and call it good enough. Entrepreneurs are constantly seeing bigger and more exciting visions, and they chase those visions relentlessly.

A Humble Spirit

Some of the most unsuccessful business owners are also the cockiest know-it-alls that you will ever meet. Many successful entrepreneurs like Sawyer Howitt are the kindest souls that you will ever meet. This is because true entrepreneurs know that they cannot do it all themselves. There are things that they don’t know, so they team up with other professionals who have different skills and experiences. It is this humble attitude that allows them to work well with others, building networks and partnerships that take their businesses to the next level over and over again.

Take Action Today

Here is one last difference between the entrepreneurial mindset and the mind of someone who just owns a business for the sake of earning a living: The entrepreneur takes action immediately. They set goals, research their markets and do a fair amount of planning just like any good business owner, but they don’t get so lost in the planning that they waste months and years dreaming rather than acting.

They do enough planning to get started, and then they take action right away. If your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur, work on making the mental switch to embrace some of these attitudes. Stop dream, and start building or expanding your business today. You will make mistakes along the way and the plan will change multiple times, but as an entrepreneur, you will use your relentless spirit to find solutions and take action daily.

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