Amazon Cancels Deliveries

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Amazon has always promised its customers that it will deliver their products in two days. In some cases, the retail giant has even delivered the packages in less than two days. However, the company has announced that it will be canceling the delivery of products in Miami and Florida following Hurricane Irma. The company did not comment about when it would resume the delivery operations. It seems that Amazon has met its match. The state government of Florida has ordered more than half million people to evacuate from their homes. The ones left behind are turning up to Amazon for water and food delivery. This has seen the $99 annual subscriptions in the area increase as people are getting desperate for delivery. Due to the severity the weather, Google Express also said that it was withdrawing its delivery service from the area. At the same time, things were not as usual at Walmart. Com. For instance, 10 bottles of water packaged together was going for $5. There was an extra shipping fee of $5. The delivery was expected to be made next Friday. Going by weather reports, this is almost a week after the storm has passed. Earlier in the week, Amazon was accused of hiking the prices of water. For instance, a 24 bottle case was going for $100 rather than $24.

Amazon now says that its deliveries will take 13 days. If you make an order today, it will be delivered on 22nd September. Behind the $136 billion industry is an expanding network of fulfillment centers. These centers make it possible to make a two day delivery to its 85 million customers. At times, Amazon has made a delivery within the same day especially on Sundays and Christmas day. Other factors that make it possible for Amazon to operate is reordering buttons as well as the availability of products. However, like the latest hurricanes have shown Americans, there is need for retail stores. Warehouse stores and grocery chains have seen the number of people flocking to the stores to buy stock food commodities increase. The brick and motor retailers should expect more competition in the coming disasters. For instance, e-commerce retailers such as Amazon are likely to prepare for such events in the future. The way that Amazon responds to a hurricane five years from now will be different with today’s response. Artificial intelligence is likely to change the way people respond to disasters in the future.

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