A Critique of the Latest Effort to Repeal and Replace the Obamacare

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The New York Times wrote an opinion article about the Senate health care bill. The bill has been proposed by Bill Cassidy, and some people feel that the Senator is trying to pass the bill by selling lies and telling untruths. According to USC Brookings Schaeffer Initiative on Health Policy expert Loren Alder, he feels that this is quite a new phenomenon where the lawmakers are trying to sell lies. Going every bit of the lies, the article begins by talking about how the new bill claims that it will not take away the health insurance of the sick people. NPR explained that these are lies that are been spread by the statesman. If the bill is passed, experts say that states would be at liberty to do away with insurance protections that have been put in place to protect people who have pre-existing conditions. This is very risky as the insurers will take the advantage of eliminating options for people with such conditions. To fully understand this, an example could be important. This means that for people who are born with defects, or if you get cancer, one of the hardest things for you is to find an insurance cover. This will extend to people who come from families with a pre-existing health condition. This makes it impossible for you acquire crucial treatment.

This is an issue that has been covered by Sarah Kliff and Aviva Aron-Dine. According to these two scholars, there is no sense in Cassidy’s bill the number of insured people would increase. The bill has also been criticized by Jimmy Kimmel who has accused Cassidy of trying to force a horrible bill through the thoughts of many people. This is a bill that has received the criticism of doctors, hospitals and even doctors who have spoken against the bill. At the same time, governors and patient advocates see not well in the proposed bill. Republican leaders are trying to convince Lisa Murkowski by channeling Money to her state of Alaska. Two months ago, Lisa Murkowski with two other Republican Senators from Arizona and Maine refused to vote for the bill. The health care bill has been targeted by a University of Michigan professor known as Nicholas Bagley. He says that the latest effort by the Republicans is an effort to ensure that there is no equality that can be achieved at state level or the federal level when it comes to universal health coverage.

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