Trump’s Life Is Getting More Complicated After Charlottesville

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After eight months of blistering tweets and confusing statements, President Trump is still Donald Trump. But there is a crack in his New York real estate persona. The thick-skinned Trump may need a suit of armor and some extra fingers by the end of the week. The President is stirring a pot, and that pot of ethical and moral judgments is boiling over. Theirs is no denying it. President Trump is up to his shoulders in political and social unrest. He has the lowest approval rating in modern history, and his loyal voter base is coming apart at the seams. When Trump visits Phoenix this week for a rally, he better be wearing that suit of armor if he plans to pardon the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is a hardline undocumented immigrant hunter, and he is guilty of criminal contempt.

Mr. Arpaio is facing six months in jail, but the president is making pardon statements and that will create more tension in that state. People see the white supremacy inclinations that Trump has finally let out of his well-protected closet. Trump also plans to explain his new military strategy for Afghanistan this week, but whatever he says about the conflict won’t take the political and social heat off of him. The White House is in a state of confusion and Trump is acting like the U.S. is an island that needs nothing but his own egocentric, nationalistic plans.

The Republican Party is falling apart thanks to Trump’s “shoot from the hip” way of governing. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker wants the president to act presidential, and several other lawmakers are verbally jumping off the Trump ship before it sinks to the bottom of ethical behavior. Even Mitch McConnell is showing signs of a Trump overload, and John McCain and Lindsey Graham are over Trump too. But the most vocal Republican Senator is Ben Sasse of Nebraska. Sasse has a lot to say about Charlottesville and Donald Trump. Trump is not the kind of president that any country needs, according to several senators, and Ben Sasse put those thoughts into sensible sentences that are hard to dispute.

One Democratic senator wants Trump to undergo a mental examination, and the author who wrote Trump’s biography thinks the real estate tycoon will resign in the next couple of months. What happens next is still a mystery, but it’s no mystery for the people who believe Trump is not capable of being a productive president. They are going to force him out.

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