South Korea Thinks North Korea’s Missile Technology Is Not Ready For Action

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North Korea is getting what they always wanted from the United States. The red nation is getting America’s attention. North Korea’s economy is no match for the economy of South Korea. South Korea is an economic powerhouse. The country is a car manufacturing machine and the top liquid crystal supplier in the world. South Korea is living part of the American dream while North Korea licks its sanction wounds with threats while the country listens to President Trump threaten them. North Korea threats are not new. Un’s father was famous for throwing the United States under the world bus.

But Un has one-upped his father’s rhetoric. The young president found the soft spot in America’s sanction-based mentality. Un is using the nuclear card, and he is getting the world’s attention. North Korea is finally a force to reckon with on the world stage. The threats are real or at least people think they are, and that is a game-changer.

South Korea lives under a strong military umbrella. South Koreans are tough by design, but North Korea has given them a sense of toughness that goes over and above Ninja Warrior status. The South Koreans may not be shooting at North Korea now, but they have guns drawn, and they are ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

No one knows what goes on in North Korea, but the South Koreans have a good idea what North Korea can or can’t do, militarily speaking. According to South Korea’s vice defense minister, Suh Choo-suk, North Korea has not conquered missile re-entry technology yet. The defense minister thinks it will take at least one or two more years to achieve that goal. But the ability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead is not that far away, according to Suh Choo-suk. Suh also believes North Korea will continue to provoke Trump and the United States, by testing missiles. But he does not believe there is a big risk of the North engaging in a shooting war. North Korea’s war is a war of words, and those words are for Donald Trump. Trump is the ultimate imperialist, and he is a perfect target for President Un.

The North Korean mentality is hard to understand. But according to the South Korea, the North wants what they have, but Un doesn’t want to give up control to get it. He wants to rule like his father, but he also wants to be a rock star like his favorite Hollywood icons.

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