North Korea Has A Secret Weapon And It Is Not A Nuclear Missile

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North Korea’s president is backing down. President Un said he wants to watch what the stupid Americans do next before he unleashes his arsenal of lethal weapons on Guam. The North Korean leader is getting a lot of pressure from China to calm down. North Korean factories make products for China, and then the Chinese put a “made in China” label on them. A war with the United States would be an economic nightmare for China. China’s economy is not producing the kind of GDP figures the government needs. Losing North Korea would create more problems for an economy that is switching from a manufacturing base to a consumer-driven economy.

It’s a fact. North Korea likes to aggravate the United States. It’s a North Korea pastime to threaten and call Americans nasty imperialists. Even though the red country is backing away from nuclear talk, the country still has a secret weapon, and they use it every day. That weapon is cyber attacks. North Korea’s cyber attacks can disrupt business networks, and they can steal money from U.S. banks. Even the U.S. infrastructure can go down by these silent, but lethal, attacks. U.S. intelligence officials think North Korea is right behind Russia, China, and Iran when it comes to damaging computer networks.

North Korea is responsible for the 2014 cyber attack on Sony Pictures. The Koreans were responding to a film that criticized President Un. Intelligence experts say North Korea could do the same thing to businesses around the country. If that happens, the American economy would take a big hit. The American financial industry is especially vulnerable, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

President Un is using cyber attacks to retaliate for the recent sanctions, but the North Koreans also want to show the United States they are in the technology game. For more than eight years, North Korea has methodically stolen data, and money and they have taken down computer networks around the world. Stopping the attacks is difficult, and that is why the North uses technology to hurt the United States. President Un uses nuclear attack talk to scare, and he uses cyber attacks to do the damage he believes the United States deserves for their imperialistic attitude.

North Korea is behind many of recent cyber attacks, and defense contractors are prime targets. The Defense Department thinks North Korea’s progress in developing nuclear weapons is the result of those defense contractor attacks. A North Korean computer expert who fled to South Korea said the North has thousands of military computer hackers, and they do damage to computer networks almost every day.

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