Marshawn Lynch Mum About Not Standing For Anthem


Before the opener for the preseason on Saturday night between the Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders, Marshawn Lynch stoically sat and refused to get stand when the anthem was playing. The incident came at a time when Lynch turned up from retirement for his hometown side, the raiders.

Thursday, he came face to face with the media, who wanted to ascertain why he sat during the anthem, but true to the antics of the running back, he remained evasive by dodging questions concerning his refusal to stand as the anthem was playing.

Much as the reporters tried to hear the real words from the horse’s own mouth, Lynch kept them on a seesaw of guess work. When he remained sitting, speculations were fired about the dinosaur in the room, and a hilarious references that was spike by a cousin’s expletive wondered why it is believed that elephants are afraid of mice/mouses.

Maybe, the elephant decided to scamper from the room when a small mouse sauntered in, or so the joke went. Asked whether it would it would surprise him if fans for the Raiders donning his jersey stood or sat when the anthem was on he responded that when they are running or in full play and he has to watch both sides by scanning every direction, it would be pretty hard to notice a thing like that.

But he added that being a veteran, he could just make something like that work! Asked whether he felt mentally recharged and physically rejuvenated after going through camp, or if he just started from where he’d dropped off? He honestly said that all he did was get his mentality back. But as for getting back his body into playing form by waking up early to put in some physical exercise, he admitted that was the most difficult thing to do because he was not an early riser. However, he got things straightened after camp was over.

On whether he missed playing football the previous year, Lynch gave a curt “No”.

When no one can accurately guess is whether by sitting down when the anthem was on, Lynch was shouting a silent protest against anything. Michael Robinson, the network for the NLF, who for nearly four years was Lynch’s teammate while in Seattle explained to the the previous weekend that Lynch throughout his career seldom stood to honor the national anthem.

It, therefore, did not come as a shock that the running back clamped his mouth and evaded questions concerning his refusal to stand while the anthem was played. The Oakland will on Saturday be the hosts to the Los Angeles Rams for the second preseason game of the team. What everyone is waiting to see is whether Lynch will once more refuse to stand for the anthem. Whatever he does one or the other way, the media will certainly want to know what he decides next time they meet.

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