I Believe in More Monuments, Not Less – Vice President Pence on Destruction of Confederate Monuments

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The United States of America has lately witnessed the rampant destruction of historic monuments since the white nationalists’ rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. Several key figures have voiced their opinion on the matter, and Vice President Mike Pence is among the latest to oppose the destruction.

While sharing his opinion in a recent interview with Fox and Friends, the Vice President said that monuments are a representation of the nation’s great history. He did not deny the fact that some of these monuments are associated with racial prejudice as they give tribute to individuals who once promoted racial segregation and slavery. However, he was also quick to note that the nation has made great progress over the years.

More Monuments

Vice President Mike Pence was keen to note that these monuments have been iconic parts of the nation for many decades. He also suggested that the nation should think of making more monuments to showcase the progress it has made in the recent past. Additional monuments would presumably show the progress the country has made over the years especially in cases such as civil rights.

President Donald J. Trump has also been vocal about the ongoing vandalism, and his rhetoric has been more critical than his deputy’s. He is accused of supporting the white nationalists and other racist and extremist groups. Most notably, the President was slow in rebuking the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He eventually rebuked both groups, and this is considered one of the provocative factors that have inspired the current rampage.

Local and State Decisions

Several monuments across the country have been defaced or torn down with the latest including statues of Abraham Lincoln and Christopher Columbus. It is feared that the vandalism will spread to more states and affect many more monuments. In fact, some activists have even been calling for the renaming of parks honoring key figures such as George Washington.

However, Vice President Mike Pence has argued that such decisions lie with the local and state authorities. And, in the case of the U.S. Capitol, then the decision should be left to the state.

Divided Opinions

Opinion polls show that ordinary citizens are divided on the issue of taking down Confederate statues; a majority of Americans are in favor of preserving these monuments according to recent polls. The vandalism seems to have decreased over the past two days, but protestors are still vocal about removing these monuments from public spaces.

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