Honey Birdette Spreads Message Of Love And Equality

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Honey Birdette director and founder has offered a few statements about perhaps taking sides in regards to how the company feels about marriage. However, the founder has pushed away any kind of thoughts that a recent flash mob had anything at all to do with the company’s views on equality and marriage. About 60 employees of Honey Birdette recently took to the streets in Sydney as a show of support for marriage equality. The federal government plans to send forms out in early September about the issue, allowing residents to voice their opinions about what should take place with marriage options.

Many of the employees who took part in the flash mob event wore lingerie that is sold by the company. The event started at Pitt Street Mall and ended at Martin Place. Employees carried various signs about marriage equality and fighting for equal rights. The event was streamed live on Facebook so that others across the country and the rest of the world could see what has been taking place in regards to marital issues. Viewers started sending messages to employees of Honey Birdette as well as the founder. Some messages were supportive while others were rather rude. There were people showing disappointment in the reasoning behind the flash mob. Oddly, there wasn’t any kind of speech or any kind of chant as a part of the rally. It was a quiet event, but it’s an issue that some people just aren’t prepared to deal with right now.

Some people have made comments about a lack of passion in the event and a lack of inclusion for all parties. Instead, the flash mob seems like more of a promotional event for the company. There were people who showed their support to the employees. They offered messages of encouragement to continue fighting against hate and to join together to show love for all people.

Eloise Monaghan is the founder of Honey Birdette. She has offered comments that she isn’t impacted at all by what other people have to say about the flash mob. She is happy that the mob did trigger some kind of debate and that it got people to talk about marriage equality, which is part of the reason as to why the event occurred in the first place. The comments and messages could have been ignored or removed. However, they were left in place as a reminder that marriage should be equal for all.

The flash mob was sparked by something that happened with the company in recent weeks. One of the stores in Adelaide started receiving complaints about an image on a wall. The image was promoting the lingerie sold by the store. The store was then vandalized soon after, which led to the flash mob event being created. The women who work for Honey Birdette love each other and are passionate about issues that involve women. They only want the rest of the world to understand that women should be treated fairly and that they have the same rights as men.

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