Fire And Fury Greet Donald Trump At Trump Tower

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It’s official. Donald Trump is having a hard time making new friends. Thousands of protesters were on Fifth Ave when Trump found his way home after seven months in Washington. And those protestors were not happy with the president. All they could say was “Shame! Shame! Shame” But some protesters yelled “lock him up,” and “New York Hates You.” An inflatable caricature of Trump as a big rat was hanging near Grand Army Plaza to show the dislike for the president. The Charlottesville fiasco and Trump’s reaction to the incident didn’t sit well with Americans.

Trump likes to stir the social and political pot. He doesn’t care if his message on certain issues seems one-off or not “kosher” by American standards. The president likes to blame the press for his low approval rating. He is in a constant battle with the media and that battle is consuming his presidency, according to political analysts. Words are things and they hurt people. Trump uses his arsenal of defamatory words on the press every chance he gets. Americans are angry but Trump still blames everyone but himself.

The Charlottesville fiasco is not over, and people across the country know it. Mr. Trump didn’t give people any assurance that white supremacists, racial bigots, and neo-Nazi would feel the wrath of the law. Trump speech was “half-baked,” according to the press. President Trump was trying to protect his voter base, and the world didn’t like his lackadaisical attitude toward the hate crimes in Charlottesville. Trump lost the battle with the press on August 12th. He lost because he was trying to protect himself not the American people.

The Charlottesville incident signals a new chapter in Trump’s presidency. All the turmoil and confusion in the White House is just child’s play now that Trump has let the world know his true colors. The people close to Trump know the president is in hot political water, so they were able to convince him to do a little damage control on August 14th. Mr. Trump went on national TV again. He let the world know he was against neo-Nazi, racial bigots, and white supremacists. But his speech wasn’t enough to stop thousands of New Yorkers from lining the streets and calling the president “a disgrace.” No one knows what will happen next, but one thing is sure. Donald Trump ability to get anything done is fading fast.

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