Democrats Are Using Former President Obama As Subtle Secret Weapon

Former President Obama, Politics

President Obama was the face of the Democratic Party for eight years. The Democrats got a lot accomplished while Obama was in the White House. President Trump is not an Obama fan. He thinks Obama gets high marks for trying to keep the Democratic Party together during the election disaster. Trump’s Republican Party is not much better in terms of solidarity. The Republican Party is not just one party. There are groups within groups in Trump’s party, and some analysts say that’s why nothing is getting done in Congress.

The Democrats will have to reinvent the party in order to get their liberal feet back in the White House. Hillary Clinton is keeping a low profile not because she wants to, she has to in order to make wealthy Democratic supporters like George Soros happy. Clinton still has ghosts in her closet, and most Democrats want them to stay there. But That’s not going to happen. Her new book is on the way, and the Democratic leaders don’t like the timing of the book release. Some Democrats say the book will project a party looking backward instead of forward. Clinton may be popular with the people, but she’s not so popular with the leaders of the Democratic Party, according to some political analysts.

Obama is a different story. The former president is a masterful speaker and an incredible fundraiser. He is still extremely popular, and he wants to help get the Democratic Party back in the game. Obama is coming back this fall, according to an article in The Hill. He will play a behind the scene role, and he will try to stay a healthy distance away from Trump’s Twitter line of fire. That may not be possible. Obama is one of Trump’s favorite targets when he wants to remove himself from the political line of fire. But the former president has a 63 percent approval rating now, and when he gets back in the political saddle this fall, his rating will go up.

Even though some political pundits argue about the pros and cons of former presidents campaigning, Obama should help the next Democratic candidate. That candidate is still a mystery. But some Democrats want Caroline Kennedy to run for president. She has the education, political experience, and she has the name. There are other possible choices, but those names will surface this fall when the Democrats get ready to rumble for another shot at the White House. The 2018 midterm elections will be an eye-opener, according to the people who want to see the Republicans continue to self-destruct in a Neanderthal-like way.

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