CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Pioneer A More Consumer Focused Interactive Shopping Experience


With an exceptionally tech/media-savvy and experienced parent company like TechStyle Fashion Group formerly JustFab), it comes as no surprise that the revolutionary athleisure brand Fabletics, founded on October 1 2013, has evolved into a veritable juggernaut in the activewear sector. The brainchild of the visionary and reputable entrepreneurs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, Fabletics continues to inspire and empower women from all walks of life, regardless of age, size and shape, while proving that a start-up company boasting the right amount of passion, an amazing, dedicated team and a tech-centered DNA, can undeniably go a long way over a short period of time. In Adam Goldenberg’s own words, ” Be passionate about what you do, have a great product and surround yourself with a phenomenal team”.

According to data provided by researchers at NDP Group, US consumers spent a whopping $44 billion on athleisure attire last year, while the leading global financial services firm Morgan Stanley estimates an even more vertiginous rise of the activewear sector over the next years -more than $83 billion in sales by 2020. Morgan Stanley considers activewear a great investment opportunity and the athleisure trend as a global phenomenon.


Back in 2013, Goldenberg and Ressler recognized athleisure’s enormous potential for growth and, with the right ingredients on the table, started building a brand that generously offers on-trend, stylish and comfortable athleisure attire along with personalized customer service at just half the price of their competitors. Despite initially facing some negative press, mostly on social media, over its monthly membership model ( from some celebs such as the likes of Cher who argued this VIP model was a scam), the brand has since attracted about 1.2 million VIP members across 8 countries, who enjoy discounts of up to 50% on athleisure attire as well as personalized customer service, starting at $49 per month, which can be used to purchase athleisure apparel every month or can be saved as store credit.


Utterly committed to reinvent athleisure apparel and create a superior quality, fashionable yet budget-friendly activewear line that encourages health-conscious women to work out more and wholeheartedly embrace a distinctively active, healthy lifestyle, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler embarked on an enlightening and successful journey, while getting their ideal partner on board. Although Golden Globe award-winning actress Kate Hudson, the daughter of comedy icon Goldie Hawn had no business background whatsoever, she was the very first person Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg thought of, as the A-lister embodied everything they wanted the brand to stand for and consolidate.

The brand’s first order was for 300,000 in inventory, but the dynamic team decided to trash due to inferior quality; this delayed Fabletics’ launch 6 months in order to ensure the superior quality the brand has striven for since day one. Goldenberg and Ressler’s commitment to top-quality, trailblazing vision, inspired choice for a partner, hands-on experience with data driven platforms, use of cutting-edge technology to collect data at multiple points and innovative approach to customer service has catapulted the fashion-forward brand Fabletics into a league of its own – 22 retail stores to date, over 21 million followers on Twitter alone, $250 million revenue run rate and a 43% increase in sales last year. The brand went from experiencing triple-digit growth in 2014 to seeing a whopping retail growth of 645% in 2016.


The revolutionary and hugely successful brand continues to grow, expand and gain in popularity by effectively using big data to track customers’ specifically indicated buying preferences and accurately predict future demand in the activewear industry, Fabletics benefits from sharing resources ( marketing team, designed staff, social media expert etc.) with the e-commerce powerhouse TechStyle Fashion Group ( currently valued at more than $1 billion), founded by co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in March 2010, which serves as its company parent. About 70% of the activewear brand is now a shared service, with back-end integration, allowing the brand to go from concept to production in as little as 8 weeks.

In early April this year, the brand launched a new plus size athleisure line ( sizes up to 3X) featuring enhancements for comfort, fit and performance, and in early May, the A-list actress Kate Hudson hosted the launch of “The Demi Lovato for Fabletics” limited-edition collection, representing the brand’s first ever collaboration. This distinctively empowering collection encompasses a variety of compression tops and leggings ( competitively priced between $25-$50) featuring words such as”Unbroken” and “Confident”, which are meant to reinforce Fabletics’ commitment to empowering women of all ages, sizes and shapes to be the best version of themselves, improve their overall health and adopt an active, optimum lifestyle for their long-term well-being.  Learn more about Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg on the Fabletics website.

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